Welltodo Today: Designer Activewear, Why Vegan Restaurants Are closing, Vaginal Spas?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Designer activewear is finally taking off in Paris

Sales of activewear and athleisure in France have increased exponentially as boutique fitness gains popularity and up-and-coming designers partner with athletic labels. French customers tend to be drawn in by shoes and performance wear. They shun patterned and logoed items in favour of simpler styles with clearly explained technical functions.

This Is What Happens When Healthy Living Meets Craft Brewing

Spiked seltzers. Low-ABVs. Non-alcoholic options that mimic the real thing. All of these have had the wine, beer and spirits market buzzing as the demand for healthier imbibing options is no longer, well, an option. Now, people are looking to the craft beer industry to satiate these cravings.

Fasting Platform Zero Hits Major Milestones: New Funding, Key Hires, and 35 Million Fasts to Date

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Zero, a health and wellness platform for fasting, today announced it has raised $2.8 million in additional funding from True Ventures and Trinity Ventures, bringing the company’s total seed funding to $4 million. Zero also announced the hires of Dr. Peter

Meet the woman bringing a vaginal spa to London

London is about to welcome a new kind of spa to its wellness ranks: a vaginal spa. VSPOT Medi Spa is making its way across the pond, after a successful run in the States, and is set to open its first UK outpost in London before October.

Vegan restaurants are closing across the UK because not enough people follow the diet to sustain them, analysis finds

Vegan restaurants are closing down across the country because of a lack of interest in solely plant-based food, analysis has found. While there was a much-publicised vegan “boom” over the last two years, with chain restaurants launching animal product-free dishes, outlets which serve only plant-based food have struggled.

Why Tyson is developing the functional snack Pact

Tyson Foods will be launching a functional, refrigerated snack line under the Pact brand later this year, according to Nosh. Although the snacks are currently in the preliminary test phase, there are four flavors planned: Gut Instinct featuring probiotics; Gut Ahead with turmeric and prebiotics; Glow With It featuring collagen; and Vibe On, which has omega-3, magnesium and matcha.

Polar’s chic new fitness tracker is like having a meditation and recovery expert on your wrist

When you’re in the market to buy a fitness tracker, your prime incentive for splurging is probably for all the advanced tech that helps you get the most out of your workouts. And while built-in heart rate monitors and calorie burns can be useful in helping you stay in tip-top shape, one new release caught my eye not because of its focus on mental health.


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