Welltodo Today: DNA Testing Hits A Lull, Equinox Secures Investment, Is ClassPass Squeezing Out Fitness Studios?


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Consumer DNA testing has hit a lull – here’s how it could capture the next wave of users

Sales of consumer-focused DNA tests from companies like Ancestry and 23andMe are down this year. And while companies in the space aren’t offering any reasons why, experts speculate that the natural expiration of the early adopter wave and growing privacy concerns are to blame.

ClassPass Is Squeezing Fitness Studios ‘To the Point of Death’

At the very start of this year, the fitness startup ClassPass delivered the sort of update that would make any Silicon Valley founder salivate. According to its most recent fundraising round, the company was now valued at more than $1 billion, earning it the enviable honor of becoming the first ” unicorn” of the decade.

Sex, Drugs, and the New Minibar

Is there room for champagne and chocolate when the planet is burning? One recent Tuesday, fifty hospitality and marketing professionals gathered in a suite at the Greenwich Hotel to hear the findings of a report put together by the London-based boutique-hotel booking service Mr & Mrs Smith and a consulting firm called the Future Laboratory.

Equinox Holdings Secures Investment from Tech-Centric Private Equity Firm

An investment by private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, a technology-centric firm with $43 billion in managed assets, will help Equinox Holdings Inc. further develop its digital content platform and expand its Equinox clubs by as many as 50 locations per year, according to a Feb. 7 report by Bloomberg.

I tried a portable cold compression device for muscle recovery-here’s the 411

Recovery is top of mind these days, and as a result, technology that was once reserved for top athletes is now becoming widely accessible to all. For example, gym-goers everywhere can easily reach for percussive therapy devices (like the Theragun or Hypervolt) or infrared wraps to soothe muscle soreness.

Giant brands love Loop’s zero-waste packaging-and now it’s coming to a store near you

A year ago, a coalition of some of the world’s biggest brands embarked on an experiment: If they started selling everyday products like shampoo in reusable, returnable packaging instead of single-use plastic, would customers buy it?


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