Welltodo Today: Eco-Friendly Gyms, Heritage Brands Go Plant-Based, Brits Have Brexit Blues


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Kellogg’s is trying to survive the cereal apocalypse with snacks and fake meat

Is Big Cereal in a downward spiral? It’s starting to look that way when you take in cereal stalwart Kellogg’s’ latest quarterly results. The packaged foods company reported its Q4 2019 earnings today that saw a drop in sales to $3.22 billion from $3.32 billion a year earlier, reports the Wall Street Journal .

Britain hit by serious case of the Brexit blues as wellbeing tumbles | Larry Elliott

Britain was an anxious place as last year’s general election loomed. Despite the lowest unemployment since the mid-1970s, people were worried about the possibility of losing their jobs. For the first time since it started publishing surveys of wellbeing in 2011, the Office for National Statistics reported significant annual falls in both life satisfaction and the feeling that things done in life are worthwhile.

This gym will plant a tree every time you book a class

We’re all trying to be more sustainable – but eco-friendly fitness can be tricky. There’s all that plastic in the water bottles, your steadily growing gym wardrobe, and the energy you use travelling to and from city-centre classes.

Danone-backed Forager Project debuts new plant-based products – FoodBev Media

Forager Project, the plant-based food and beverage manufacturer backed by Danone, has launched a raft of new organic products. Currently available at Whole Foods Market stores in the US, additions include high-protein yogurts, dairy-free butter with Peruvian salt, oat milk, grain-free cereal and grain-free chips, as well as a new blackberry flavour of the brand’s probiotic drinkable cashew milk yogurt.

Gym harassment: how sexism, stalking and surveillance stop women working out

Ellen is being harassed by a man at her gym. She does not know his name, but she has nicknamed him The Screamer, on account of how he yells when he is lifting weights. The Screamer likes to watch Ellen, a 19-year-old student from Newcastle, when she’s working out.

Climate change is making it harder for athletes of all climates to train-and Nike’s on a mission to clear the air

Put yourself in the sneakers of an athlete who’s spent the majority of their life dreaming, training, and spending every waking hour living for the chance to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Now, imagine there’s a very real, looming adversary standing between you gold-beyond those with the same hopes of winning it.

The next big thing in sports? Clothes that give you perfect form

In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to walk into a Niketown store, buy a Tiger Woods-branded golf shirt and, when lining up your shot on the fairway, hear Woods’s voice gently suggesting a change in technique-say, a longer pause at the top of a long-iron shot.


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