Welltodo Today: Edible Insect Innovations, WIT Fitness Heading To US? London’s £6,500 Per Year Gym


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

CBD Drink Mix Maker OLEO Closes $1.5 Million Round – BevNET.com

CBD-infused drink mix maker OLEO, Inc. announced today it has raised $1.5 million in a convertible note round. Speaking to BevNET, OLEO co-founder and CEO Skyler Bissell said the financing served as a “bridge round” between its 2016 series seed and a yet-to-be-determined future funding round.

Best-In-Class Edible Insect Innovations | Stylus

Food developers are looking to insects as a sustainable form of protein to feed growing populations. But Western consumers remain unconvinced about the desirability of creepy crawlies. We round up three bug-centric innovations that may help to change their opinion.

Lanserhof is London’s most high tech gym using VR and MRI scans

The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends How far would you go in the name of # wellness? Is a £6,500 a year gym membership too far? Given some people paid £1,000 to attend a goop summit, maybe not for some well-heeled wellbeing seekers.

WIT Fitness limbers up for America

A London-based sportswear brand that counts Owen Farrell, the England rugby captain, as one of its gym members is eyeing international expansion after sales doubled. WIT Fitness’s gym and shop near St Paul’s Cathedral is popular with rugby stars and Team GB athletes, while it sells branded traine

As plant-based alternative sales soar, brands & retailers must address challenges facing sector

Americans’ love affair with plant-based meat likely will continue to heat up in the coming year with the vast majority of consumers who have tried them reporting that they intend to continue to buy them, even though many prefer eating animal-based meat, according to the market intelligence firm Numerator.

Beyond Meat investment frenzy paves way for Wall Street’s first vegan ETF

Wall Street’s first exchange-traded fund geared to animal lovers is expect to begin trading next month. It’s part of a growing wave of funds that say they pick companies likely to have a positive social impact as well as produce profits.

Founder Focus: Michael James Wong of Just Breathe – BALANCE

Michael James Wong, founder of Just Breathe, on what makes the business tick, the future of the brand, and focusing on the here and now.


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