Welltodo Today: Equinox To Launch Co-Working, Is Telefitness the Wave of the Future? The Pioneers Of Clean Beauty


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Beauty and Wellness Briefing: Pioneers in organic and clean beauty are seeing the fruits of their labor

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Equinox Gyms to Add Co-Working to the Workout

Equinox is teaming with co-working operator Industrious to offer furnished office space near the fitness company’s upscale gyms, the latest sign that the office, fitness and hospitality industries are starting to converge.

Meet Bobbie, a baby formula delivery startup promising healthier ingredients

Don’t like the idea of your baby guzzling down liquid candy all day? It may surprise you to find corn syrup is the main ingredient in most infant formulas in the U.S. That’s where Bobbie, a Bay Area-based baby formula delivery startup promising only wholesome ingredients, hopes to fill …

Fitness for Bodies That Don’t Fit the Mainstream

Workouts tailored to the needs of transgender people who want to build strength after surgery. Five years ago, Asher Freeman tried to find a personal trainer knowledgeable about the fitness needs of queer and transgender people. The search came up empty.

Is Telefitness the Wave of the Future? Or Another Way Tech Is Keeping Us Apart?

Realistically, I know that Obé Fitness’s instructors exist in the actual world, not just inside the glowing white box on my laptop screen. I’m also acutely aware that this white box is a set in Brooklyn, and that the toned bodies that bop around inside of it, dressed in pastel-pink leggings, don’t just lead live back-to-back exercise classes on loop.

Target now carries a non-toxic skincare line built on the insights of 16 million women

If you asked 16 million women what they wanted out of their eye creams and face washes, then used all of this information to create your very own skincare collection, it might look something like Versed, a non-toxic line that is dropping at all 1400 Target stores and online on May 19.


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