Welltodo Today: Europe’s Biggest Yoga Brand, Bio-Hacking Clinics, Mental Wellness


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How Hotpod became Europe’s biggest yoga brand, and why top athletes love it

The England rugby team has embraced the trend, so Jessica Salter checks the temperature of a lunchtime session It’s a crisp winter day outside, the news cycle is dire, but inside a Hotpod Yoga studio in Brixton, which I’ve dropped into during my lunch break, the temperature is a balmy 37C, (98.6F) the lighting is low (and purple) and the music soporific.

Gallery: November’s New Products – BevNET.com

Heading into the end of the year, brands are wasting no time launching new innovations, line extensions, collaborations and refreshed packaging. Check out the gallery to see some of November’s notable launches, including the latest from Dirty Lemon, new kombucha flavors from Better Booch and KOE, and plenty of CBD-infused releases and brand launches.

The $250 million wellness titan Goop opened a new store in San Francisco, complete with $600 cardigans and ‘psychic vampire repellent.’ Take a look inside.

source Katie Canales/Business Insider Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial $250 million wellness brand, has opened a new store in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. The brick-and-mortar at 2121 Fillmore St. carries the kind of wellness paraphernalia that Goop has become known for – for better or for worse.

Working at Equinox: ‘It’s Very Hunger Games’

Working for the high-end gym chain seems glamorous, but for many trainers the schedule is unforgiving, the pay low and the turnover high. Equinox, the high-end gym chain, calls its five-story facility on Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan a “fitness mecca. ” It features a juice bar and a boxing studio, a eucalyptus steam room and a saltwater lap pool.

BelleCell: the ‘bio-hacking’ clinic aiming to shake up wellness

I’ve seen the future. And it’s unexpectedly sandwiched between those exuberant bastions of indulgence, the Ritz and Le Caprice. Rather like Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross, look carefully and there’s a spiral staircase to a subterranean world. Once a cellar that housed Winston Churchill’s

The Holidays Mean Overindulgence. The New Year Belongs to the Fitness Industry.

Retailers aren’t the only companies that gear up for a surge in sales during the holiday season. The fitness industry does too. Traditional overeating and drinking at holiday gatherings leads to New Year’s resolutions heavy on weight loss, making January and February prime months for diet programs and gyms. WW International, the parent of Weight Watchers, typically sees sales jump 20% from the fourth to the first quarters, as consumers rush to calorie count.

Does your vegan snack need a health warning?

A meat-free meal doesn’t mean it’s better for you, reports Luke Mintz, who asked nutrition experts to put five favourites to the test When Venus Williams went vegan in 2011, health was her primary concern.

Sista Afya: a Q&A with founder of Chicago mental wellness organization

Mental health issues affect everyone, but research suggests people in the Black community are less likely to have access to culturally competent care. According to the American Psychiatric Association, only one in three African Americans who need mental health care receive it. That’s where organizations like Chicago’s Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness are making a difference.


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