Welltodo Today: Female Fitness Gurus, This Salad Startup Raised $5M, Innovative Health Tech


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The Rise of the Female Fitness Guru

This is one of the articles that came up when I researched this topic and as you can tell by the title it’s definitely alive and kicking ( pun intended ) 2016 was the year of enlightenment when women started to have a greater appreciation for their bodies and decided to do things the healthy way.

This Health Startup Says Its Tech Can Reverse Diabetes

Sami Inkinen, co-founder of the real estate firm Trulia, figured he, of all people, was healthy. After all, he was a globally top-ranked triathlete. But around 2012, Inkinen’s doctor informed him that, despite his rigorous exercise, his carbohydrate-heavy diet had put him at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Why Wellness Should Be on Your Company Culture Checklist

Beginning a new job or internship can be an exciting and stressful time. You’re eager to prove yourself to your colleagues and managers and excited to learn new skills. While it’s good to be focused on finding a company that will help you meet your professional goals, it’s also important to consider how your future employer will help you outside of the office.

Chowbotics raises $5 million for salad-making robots named Sally, of course

Chowbotics Inc. has landed $5 million in a Series A round of venture funding to develop what it’s calling food service robots. These are machines designed to prepare food in restaurants, cafeterias and hotels, as well as food courts in airports, malls and hospitals.

Meet the women who have founded their own sustainable sportswear brand

Having a good gym kit is crucial to having a good workout. For most of us, wearing something vaguely flattering and colourful is more motivational than rocking up in your housemate’s baggy Canterburys and a three-day-old t-shirt.

Why Nike’s ‘Pro Hijab’ Is More Than Just Politics

In Nike’s “Pro Hijab” ad released earlier this week, the campaign should not be viewed as a political statement following Trump’s immigration ban, but as a business move to reach new female consumers in the Middle East. The Pro Hijab launch, which set off a flurry of headlines globally, seems particularly well-timed, given the many U.S.


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