Welltodo Today: Femtech Embraces Menopause, Oatly Floats Investors’ Boats, Peloton Tackles Conspiracy Theories


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

Sexual Wellness App Kama Raises $3 Million In Seed Funding To Democratize Access To Sex Therapy

Raising a seed round as a female founder in the sextech space during the pandemic may sound like an impossible mission. Yet Chloe Macintosh, founder and CEO of Kama, managed to secure $3 million from investors for her sexuall wellness app.

Beauty’s BIPOC Mentorship Programmes | Stylus

As we explore in BLM: Beauty Brands’ Diversity Turning Point, shrewd beauty brands are taking a stand on economic inclusion and social justice in response to a consumer shift towards values-based consumption. New mentorship programmes for brands and creatives affected by systemic racism offer another altruistic avenue.

Vegan oat milk substitute Oatly floats investors’ boats

Toni Petersson, the boss of Oatly, a celebrity-backed milk alternative, is on a mission to lure people away from dairy It is a company valuation with no shortage of froth. How can Oatly, the cereal-based milk alternative with $200m (£155m) of sales last year, have secured backing from an array of hard-nosed investors and Hollywood celebrities that values the Swedish food producer at $2bn?

Browns Introduces New Services – From Fitness to Hypnotherapy

VIRTUAL RESET: You can now get wardrobe advice from Rihanna’s stylist, work out with Virgil Abloh’s personal trainer and skip the long waiting list for an appointment with sought-after neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart – all thanks to London-based retailer Browns.

Peloton removed QAnon hashtags from its platform as tech companies grapple with the conspiracy theory movement

A Peloton spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the fitness brand removed tags related to the QAnon conspiracy theory. Users of the at-home workout platform can connect with users by following the same tags. A Tuesday tweet from a Washington Post editor showed that two tags associated with QAnon were available in classes.

Amazon, Apple Or Spotify: The Musical Race To Dominate Digital Wellness

iTunes once dominated the digital music distribution space. Its advent disrupted traditional music distributors and created a brand-new digital entertainment economy, proving to be one of Apple’s most successful differentiation and engagement strategies. First, they dominated the Mp3 player market with iPods.

Femtech Startups Are Finally Innovating for Menopause

I nside a Walgreens in Pacific Heights, an upscale district of San Francisco, Sydney Larson strolled through the aisles. Her heels clicked on the floor as she circled the cosmetics aisle, looping past colorful tubes of lipstick and fridges filled with two-for-one Vitaminwater. She frowned.

CBD Wellness Brand Frigg Addresses the Black Space in White Wellness

‌ As Chief Marketing Officer of pioneering topical brand, Papa & Barkley, Kimberly Dillon helped rebrand cannabis-infused topicals as wellness products, not just weed products. She guided the company away from cannabis events and towards yoga studios, identifying that the customers interested in high quality balms weren’t waiting in line for free dabs at a cannabis cup.


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