Welltodo Today: Fitness Apps Causing Anxiety, Clean Wine, Impossible Sausages


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

This doula raised $3 million to build a digital platform for reproductive education

After a stint in the fashion industry, Erica Chidi was looking for her next move. She had tried on a number of hats, from art curation to a culinary degree, but nothing stuck. When she started looking into nursing programs and learned about doulas, something clicked.

Move Over Clean Beauty, Clean Wine Is Here

Clean beauty has been all the rage, but a new clean favorite is about to hit center stage- c lean wine. Although clean wine isn’t a novel idea, it hasn’t been readily available or accessible to the masses. The easiest way to get ahold of truly clean wine is to have a relationship with an organic winery.

Impossible Foods starts selling in Walmart and expands distribution of its new sausage product

Impossible Foods said today that it will now be available in Walmart, the largest meat market in America. The deal with Walmart and other retail locations across the country increases the company’s physical footprint by fifty times. Impossible Foods will now be available at over 2,000 Walmart…

AI clean beauty startup Good Face Project is the latest ingredient research app – Glossy

Finding products like aluminum-free deodorant and fragrance-free skin care is getting easier every year, as startups multiply in the clean beauty world. Like ingredient research platforms such as mobile app Think Dirty and the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep app, The Good Face Project launched its app for iOS today to help clean beauty consumers do ingredient research.

Leomie Anderson’s LAPP Is About So Much More Than Athleisure Wear

For a prime example of a multi-hyphenate millennial, look no further than Leomie Anderson. A model, brand founder, activist, Ted Talker and all-round nice girl, Anderson, who is 27, has fingers in many pies, and as a Black woman presiding over an independent Black business, has overcome some major hurdles to get to where she is.

Yoga, SoulCycle and Peloton Face Truths About How Black Lives Matter

Instructor walkouts and motivational messages in a predominantly white industry decimated by the coronavirus. Before the pandemic changed the way we work out, possibly forever, Sarah Levey was among the boutique fitness industry’s fastest-rising stars.She and her husband, Mason Levey, are the founders of Y7, a yoga company with 14 studio locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with classes costing $25 each, taking place in candlelit rooms with the heat and hip-hop playlists on full blast.

Fitness app use ‘causing anxiety among young’

Young people’s use of phone apps to monitor and improve their health has led to “obsessive behaviour, anxiety and terror”, a study has suggested. The Digital Health Generation said children as young as eight were using the internet as part of their quest for fitness, a six pack or a thinner body.


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