Welltodo Today: Fitness Gamification, Health Food Challenges, Making Cycling Safer

Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Do cows get seasick? Welcome to Rotterdam’s floating dairy farm

Do cows get seasick? It’s not a question farmers often ask, except in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where a team of developers plans to build a floating dairy. “They won’t here,” says Minke van Wingerden of Beladon, a company involved with water-based projects from a luxury hotel to this floating farm proposed for Rotterdam harbour.

The delicious challenge of health foods – Raconteur

In the biscuit aisle of a whole foods market in North London, a tub of Livia’s Kitchen moreish Raw Millionaire Bites sells for £4.99.

Healthy meal delivery startup Freshly raises $21M

Freshly is announcing that it has raised $21 million in Series B funding. The New York City-based company delivers healthy meals for a price of around $11 per meal – which may make it sound like many other food startups, but CEO Michael Wystrach (pictured below with his co-founder Carter Comstock) said the model is different in some key ways.

#Trending: Fitness made fun

Pokémon Go. Unless you’ve been living under a Geodude the past week, it’s been pretty hard escaping talk of people playing the augmented reality game phenomenon that’s getting more searches on Google than porn, Snapchat and Facebook. The quest to catch all the pocket monsters has also had a positive impact on getting people active….

Why the gym is key to the fitness economy

Jason Kelly, the New York bureau chief at Bloomberg and serial marathoner, dives into the (lucrative) world of wellness in his new book, Sweat Equity . Here, he shares an excerpt that explains why gyms are such a powerful component of the fitness economy.

Blubel: A New Cycling Accessory For Safety, Directions And Fitness Tracking

A new concept from a London startup says it can make cycling significantly safer by combining crowd-sourced knowledge with other data-sets to send cyclists on the safest, quietest routes possible.