Welltodo Today: Fitness Studio Trends Of The Future, This Vegan Startup Is Headed For Major Expansion, Mental Health Solutions


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Comment: ‘The rise, and stall, of healthy eating choices’ – FoodBev Media

BY CATHERINE ELMS, SENIOR DIRECTOR, FUTURE THINKING There is a clear disconnect between consumer perceptions and purchase behaviours when it comes to healthy eating. As we become more health conscious, the demand for healthy food is increasing, yet 69% of us believe it is a more expensive option.

By Chloe will open 20 new restaurants globally

When the plant-based restaurant By Chloe first opened its doors in New York City’s Greenwich Village in 2015, it was an instant hit. Now the vegan fast-casual chain-named after its founding chef, Chloe Coscarelli-is planning a major global expansion, thanks to a cool $31 million investment, Moneyish reported.

Boutique operator FirstLight Cycle to open first site at Westfield London

A new boutique fitness concept is set to make its entry onto the booming London fitness market this June. FirstLight Cycle – an indoor cycling concept – will open its first site at Westfield London in White City, as part of a £600m expansion of the retail mall.

The Anxious Adopter’s Guide to Health and Wellness Trends

As people become more and more interested in wellness, there’s actually more anxiety about what they need to know, and about what they need to do and shouldn’t do. Here, Dr. Frank Lipman explains whole-fat milk, cryotherapy, and more trends.

Instagram is building a team to stop people from feeling bad on Instagram

Last year, a widely-publicized survey by Britain’s Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), a health education charity, ranked Instagram as the #1 worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing. While the photo-sharing platform got some points for self-expression and self-identity, they were outweighed by its association with anxiety and depression, as well as bullying and negative body image.

How This Dot-Com Millionaire Built A Massive Fitness Empire

Xponential Fitness is a curator of some of the best brands across many verticals in the fitness space including Pilates, cycling, stretching and rowing. Some of Xponential Fitness’ brand portfolio includes Club Pilates (fastest growing Pilates franchise), CycleBar (first and only indoor cycling franchise), StretchLab (one-on-one personalized stretching services) and Row House (a popular boutique fitness rowing concept).

Fitness studio design trends of the future

Much like a blind date, a studio’s first impression can make a big impact on how you walk away feeling about the overall experience. And in an increasingly competitive industry, brands are being as mindful when it comes to the interior design of their spaces as they are the workouts being offered inside of them.

The Fitness World’s New Three-Step Plan

Fitness, wellness, beauty brand. That appears to be the new trajectory being adopted by a fitness industry eager to intersect with the multitrillion-dollar wellness movement and multibillion-dollar beauty world.

How gyms are filling spaces left vacant by retailers and restaurants

Exercise is basically the new clubbing. At least, that’s what Casey Phillips, a property agent at Shelley Sandzer, tells me as we’re discussing why the fitness industry is currently booming. “Instead of getting drunk, you do a class together,” he says. “You just feel incredible afterwards.”


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