Welltodo Today: Four Seasons’ Wellness Resort, Wellness Beauty Trends, Fitness Trackers For Pets?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Four Seasons just unveiled its first all-inclusive wellness resort

The newly opened Four Seasons Hotel Lanai at Koele is all about cutting-edge, personalized wellness programing.

How Hitting The Gym Became The New Night Out

The new way to spend your birthday? In the gym. A growing number of us, including British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, now spend our evenings in fitness studios and gyms rather than going to bars and clubs. With more endorphins and less of a hangover, we investigate the rise of fitness parties.

CBD Skincare Company Founder Talks Building A Wellness Brand Today

As the wellness marketplace expands, opportunities across verticals for innovative collaborations and new concepts continue to emerge, offering retailers and brands the chance to respond to the demands of wellbeing-focused consumers in new and improved ways.

‘Modern living is tough’: Toms founder launches a wellness kit inspired by his own struggles

If you’ve ever downloaded an app to keep track of your well-being, welcome to the club. There are more than 250,000 mobile health and fitness apps on the market. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey out of Bond University, there’s not much evidence that they get results.

Wellness trends impacting the beauty industry

A holistic approach to achieving physical and emotional equilibrium has become a key motivator of consumer behavior. Mintel examines consumer behavior through the lens of seven drivers, determining what is impacting behavior now and in the future.

Pet owners may be able to track their dog’s health with a new fitness tracker

A dog tests out the wearable technology (Photo: Imperial) Pet owners may soon be able to track their furry companions’ health and vital signs thanks to a new fitness tracker for dogs. The device, created by researchers at Imperial College London, monitors an animal’s vital signs through its fur when strapped around its chest, removing the need to shave hair off to place the sensor directly on skin.

Packaged Food Is Getting Healthy, Thanks To These Three New Plant-Based Brands

Cooking healthy can be a drag. Especially for those of us who would rather crack open a box of mac and cheese or can of soup than whip up a meal from scratch.

Arla enters the plant-based market by launching Jörd brand – FoodBev Media

Dairy co-operative Arla has entered the plant-based market with the release of three dairy alternative products under a new brand called Jörd, which will be Arla’s umbrella brand for plant-based products. The first three products released through the Jörd brand – Jörd Oat, Jörd Barley and Jörd Hemp – are all dairy-free oat drinks, which are made using “only four or five ingredients”, according to Arla.


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