Welltodo Today: Gymbox Fights To Reopen, Sustainable Athleisure, An Era of Peak Fitness Tracking


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

What’s It Like to Work Out in a Gym Right Now?

Hot Bod is a weekly exploration of fitness culture and its adjacent oddities. While public-health experts have changed their assessments about the transmission of coronavirus at a dizzying pace, there are a few factors that have stuck around as consistent high risks: (1) tightly-packed, (2) indoor spaces,with (3) circulated air that’s filled with the miasma of (4) people breathing hard.

Gym chain boss in legal talks to challenge ban on reopening

The head of a boutique exercise chain today said he is in talks with lawyers to see if he can legally open his 10 London sites on July 4.

This Pilates Business Loves (and Hates) Tech

Small businesses are always asking: Is the tech they now rely on helping or hurting them?

Dr. Bronner’s Joins Brands In A Push For Regenerative Organic Certification

This summer Dr. Bronner’s has announced its first Regenerative Organic Certified product: coconut oil from Sri Lanka. As the term “regenerative” begins to be used more widely, and possibly replacing sustainable, it’s worthwhile to dig into what it actually means.

Everyone on Instagram is obsessed with this sustainable and diverse activewear brand

Buying activewear that makes you feel confident, doesn’t break the bank and lasts for years has long been one of life’s greatest challenges. If we had a pound for every time we have tested a pair of yoga pants that slipped with every squat and sagged around the crotch, we’d be *very* rich people.

Investors Are Looking For Diversity. One Black Founder Offers Some Advice On What Not To Do.

When Trinity Mouzon Wofford found herself ghosted by an investor after a fundraising round for Golde, her wellness brand startup known for superfoods, masks and turmeric drink blends, she chalked it up to timing: the round ended just as the pandemic was shutting down the U.S. economy.

We’re in the Era of Peak Fitness Tracking-Here’s How to Keep That Relationship Healthy

Before fitness trackers were ever a thing, people would-gasp-only have their own bodies to listen to when it came to how they felt. But now, thanks to the super impressive technological advancements in wearables, our body’s health data is front and center, 24/7.

How Starbucks’ Focus on Plant-Based Foods Will Drive Revenue | The Motley Fool

( Starbucks NASDAQ:SBUX) is finally bringing plant-based meats to U.S. stores after serving the products in other global markets. This follows the company’s move toward plant-based milks and other actions to promote sustainability. Starbucks is taking a bit of a break from revenue growth due to COVID-19, but it hasn’t stopped releasing new products and adapting to changing customer habits.


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