Welltodo Today: Hair Care’s The Next Clean Beauty Movement, Eco F&B Trends, Gymshark’s Rapid Expansion


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Hair care rounds out the clean beauty movement – Glossy

The wellness hair-care movement continues to gain steam. This month, 8-year-old natural brand Ursa Major marked its first foray into the category. Though Ursa Major is known for its face and body products, which make up 70 percent of sales, it’s joining a growing tide of beauty brands interested in “healthy hair” as a concept.

Algae Might Be About To Disrupt The Plant-Based Protein Market

Triton is a company poised for disruption. The small San Diego based algae start-up is hitting all the right notes – plant-based, sustainable, synthetic biology – offering up what co-founder Miller Tran calls an “untapped well of proteins” that offers more than what’s now on the plant-based market.

Whole Foods’ plant-based and eco food and drink trends for 2019

It’s that time of year again. As we edge towards the festive period, we start to think about all of the joys that 2019 holds for us and for foodies, that means one thing: what will we be eating and drinking?

Interview: Gymshark boss Steve Hewitt on his ‘field of dreams’

Steve Hewitt surveys the vast open-plan office before him and summons his inner Kevin Costner. “We’ve always had a Field of Dreams mentality about this place,” says the boss of Gymshark, the rapidly expanding fitness brand sold in 170 countries. “Build it and they will come.” The chief executive’s

The meat growing in this San Francisco lab will soon be available at restaurants

In the foothills of a mountain in a rural part of Japan northwest of Tokyo, a farm called Toriyama painstakingly breeds and raises cattle to make Wagyu beef-delicately marbled meat that sells for around $100 a pound. In a lab in San Francisco, food scientists now plan to recreate Toriyama’s meat in a bioreactor.

Pinterest’s top fashion trends for 2019 show that wellness is on the rise

In 2018, leggings stopped being doubted as pants, sneakers proved they can be rocked with gym clothes and girly dresses, and once-dusty fanny packs basically became a wardrobe staple… again. So it’s no wonder why some of Pinterest’s top fashion searches feature plenty of activewear and streetwear, proving just how hot wellness is right now-and how its popularity is only going to increase in the new year.


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