Welltodo Today: Headspace Teams Up With Boots, Soda Gets A Wellness Makeover, The Unilever Of Weed


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Headspace & Boots Launch Gift Card | Stylus

UK retailer Boots has launched an exclusive gift card with leading mindfulness and meditation app Headspace. As lockdown has caused a surge in people suffering from poor mental health, we explore the opportunity for brands to step in and help make mental-wellbeing support more accessible.

Soda Is Finally Getting a Wellness Makeover Thanks to These Healthy Brands

For many Americans, cracking open a can of soda is about more than just being thirsty. The hiss of air escaping from the can as you pop the tab, the crackling of ice as you pour it into a glass, the tickling of carbonation at the back of your throat as you swallow, the sugary aftertaste that lingers on your lips…drinking soda is an entire sensory experience.

How Hotels Are Handling Wellness Right Now

Spas and gyms swiftly shut down after the outbreak of COVID-19, and many took their offerings online with do-it-yourself spa treatments and virtual workouts. But as hotels around the world reopen, they are reshaping how they do in-person wellness in the midst of the pandemic.

A first look inside one of London’s revamped post-covid boutique gyms

News last week that the Government would not allow gyms to reopen on July 4 along with pubs and restaurants was a huge blow to London’s fitness scene and its loyal disciples. The industry may not have too much longer to wait, however, after Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden suggested last week that the government was hoping to reopen gyms and leisure facilities in mid-July.

Samsung Start-up Produces Circadian Lighting Windows | Stylus

Samsung-backed Korean start-up SunnyFive is developing a fake window that mimics natural light to boost mood and energy. While its design is decorative, the device demonstrates the importance of light on wellbeing, and suggests the increasing role that sunlight simulation will have, particularly in urban centres.

Quarantine hair loss could be driving ‘hair wellness’ sales – Glossy

Consumers’ hair loss during the pandemic has meant sales growth f or hair treatment brands. “Hair wellness” products aimed at curbing hair loss or promoting growth, including supplements, medications and styling products, have seen an increase in online searches and sales during quarantines.

How Canopy Growth is using Martha Stewart and other celebs to become the Unilever of weed

Last year, Canopy Growth signed a deal with Martha Stewart to make her an adviser to the cannabis company, helping it develop a line of CBD-based products. Now the company is getting ready to start releasing the results of that collaboration over the next few months, and over the time in between there was something that surprised Canopy CEO David Klein.


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