Welltodo Today: Hilton Launches Vegan Suite, Clean Beauty Is Mainstreaming, Virgin Active Repositions Brand


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Food And Wellness Entrepreneurs Share The Best Career Advice They’ve Been Given

I see this all the time with my clients, colleagues, friends and even in my own life: despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, we fixate on our shortcomings or get down on ourselves and start to doubt our progress. Or we let fear take over and hijack our dreams. Good news!

How Brands Like Marriott And Standard Hotels Cultivate Community Through Group Activations

Harnessing the power of community, brands and establishments are cultivating their own networks for customers that enable sharable and memorable experiences Brands are enabling consumers to more easily connect by providing access to platforms, tools and spaces that give customers the ability to self-organize events and group activations around shared interests.

Local retreats are 2019’s travel trend to watch-just ask Wanderlust

When you Google the word “retreat,” the search results likely return remote mountaintops and seaside bungalows. In 2019, though, prepare for a switch up: The OG event for fitness-loving festival-goers-you know, Wanderlust festivals-is getting the local treatment. Yes, city-dwellers, in the best JOMO staycation news so far this year: It’s coming to your own backyard.

Veg out in the Hilton Bankside’s Vegan Suite

Veganism is everywhere. Supermarkets are stocking plant-based ranges; Pizza Hut and Wetherspoons serve vegan dishes; even Greggs, home of the steak bake, has a meat-free “sausage” roll. What next, hotels made out of crudités? Well, yes, actually.This week, Hilton launches a vegan suite at its Banks

Wellness Tech Innovations Shaking Things Up In 2019 – BALANCE

With wellness tech playing an increasing role in health and wellness, we look at the most exciting developments that will soon be accessible to everyone.

Clean Beauty Can Be A Dirty Business: Beautycounter, Sephora And P&G Are Changing That

Clean beauty, the movement toward all-natural, non-toxic cosmetic products, is mainstreaming and a contributor to the $22 billion wellness-based beauty market. But with little regulation, each brand’s legitimacy must be proven. How Sephora, L’Oréal and even Procter & Gamble approach clean.

Virgin Active hopes to ‘cut through the crap’ with brand repositioning

Virgin Active is aiming to “cut through the crap” in the fitness industry by offering a more realistic and human approach to working out as it looks reposition itself as a gym for everyone to attract a wider audience.


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