Welltodo Today: Digital Detoxing, Australians More Health-Conscious, New York’s Latest Fitness Mogul


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Nestlé investor calls for greater focus on food and nutrition – FoodBev Media

Nestlé investor Daniel Loeb has lobbied the company to focus more on food and nutrition by encouraging the brand to sell its stake in beauty brand L’Oréal and other “ill-fitting businesses”, in a letter addressed to the company’s investors. Loeb is the head of hedge fund Third Point, which bought a 1.25% stake in Nestlé worth $3.5 billion last June.

Why a next-level gym membership is totally worth it

By now, you’ve realized it’s totally worth splurging on almond butter and adding glow-boosting serum to your skin-care routine. Also on that list? Upgrading your gym experience. To that end, there’s one simple thing you can do ASAP: Opt for a Crunch Signature gym membership.

Foods For The Body, Mind And Soul

They are shockingly bright and surprisingly tasty: coconut butter-based spreads in pink, blue, yellow and black infused with ingredients known for a range of nourishing properties from skin elasticity and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants to increased short-term memory and liver detoxification.

High-end homes designed for a digital detox

The popularity of homes filled with gadgets and sensors is beginning to wane, say developers who are helping residents to digitally detox. Apartment blocks at the top end of the market are increasingly being designed with “holistic wellbeing spaces” and communal libraries. Louisa Brodie, of the developer Banda Property, said that the change reflected a cultural shift.

A look into the future: IBISWorld reveals Australia’s health and where it will be in 5 years

​Australians are expected to drink less alcohol, spend less on tobacco and eat more fruit and vegetables over the next five years, according to new research. But they will continue to battle with weight. The report conducted by IBISWorld, which specialises in industry market research, compiled an index of health indicators to look at Australia’s receptiveness to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Wonky desks, giant fig trees and mindfulness classes: is this the office of the future?

Second Home is reinventing office life. Is yours next? Step inside its world of vintage chairs, froth insulation and zig-zagging walkways wall of transparent plastic has been stretched across the gap between two mews houses.

Alexandra Bonnetti Perez Talks How She Became a Fitness Studio Mogul

How she learned to love working out and turned it into a successful career. There’s nothing more relatable than hearing Alexandra Bonetti Perez, founder of Bari Studio, a New York-based fitness studio that’s garnered one hell of a cult following, utter the words “I was scared of fitness, I was allergic to it.


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