Welltodo Today: Impossible Foods Takes Aim At Competitors, Men’s Wellness Startup ASYSTEM Raises $4M, Bathfluence


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

ASYSTEM Launches With $4M In Seed Funding To ‘Redefine Male Wellness’

Josh LeVine and Oliver Walsh wanted to create a brand for men that wasn’t just targeting the “french male model on a motorbike.” So, to bolster inclusivity and diversity for men’s health, the duo built ASYSTEM, a startup which sells skincare and supplement products.

How consumer products giant Unilever plans to dramatically slash its use of plastic

The consumer products giant Unilever-which owns hundreds of brands from Dove and Seventh Generation to Hellman’s and Breyers-uses 700,000 metric tons of plastic in its packaging every year. But the company is planning some major changes: to cut its use of virgin plastic packaging in half by 2025 and take a major step away from single-use plastic.

Wellness As Business: Why So Many MBAs Are Turning To Yoga And Pilates For Work And Wellbeing

I love a good yoga class complete with a long savasana, and my stretchy exercise pants take up an entire dresser drawer. But for a long time, I didn’t understand why so many women MBAs were signing up for yoga, pilates, and barre teacher training, and then radically changing their careers.

‘Rise of wellness’: How sober culture is taking over media and marketing – Digiday

In July, freelance creative director and founder of Dream Nation Love Yulia Laricheva hosted a networking event at Reception Bar on the Lower East Side. Fifteen attendees gathered, shared what they aspire to and swapped contacts to help them achieve their goals over drinks – only this time, those drinks were fancy yet alcohol-free elixirs rather than the booze that traditionally flows at networking events.

The Age of Bathfluence

For the average home dweller, taking a bath used to be a private endeavor: fill a giant porcelain bowl with warm water, strip naked, submerge your corporeal form, rinse, repeat. The only people whose bath times were made public were babies, Liberace, and Hollywood starlets.

Supplement company The Nue Co. redirects advertising spend to out-of-home campaigns – Glossy

Beginning October 7, The Nue Co. is posting questions about mental health — such as “Are you here right now, or somewhere else?” and “How are you, really?” — in its latest guerrilla out-of-home campaign in Los Angeles and New York.

Impossible Foods CEO says competitors ‘suck’ and reinforce ‘the idea that plant-based meat replacements are terrible’

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown said other companies offering plant-based make products that “suck” and reinforce “the idea that plant-based meat replacements are terrible,” in an interview with Food Dive.


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