Welltodo Today: India’s Cure.fit Expands To The US, Off White Debuts Activewear, Decolonizing The Western Yoga Practice


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

UK should follow the US in allowing gyms on the high street

The UK’s gym operators could thrive in town centre locations, helping to bring life back to places where retailing has retreated, says industry body, ukactive. The organisation has called for changes to planning regulations to allow physical activity and leisure providers to apply for ‘change of use’ more easily.

India’s top fitness and well-being startup Cure.fit expands to the US

Indian fitness and well-being startup Cure.fit, which has established a market-leading position in the country in four years of existence, is ready to stretch to a new geography. The Bangalore-headquartered startup said on Wednesday it has launched a range of its digital services – including …

‘Wellness for All’ Won’t Be a Reality Until We Decolonize the Western Yoga Practice

You’ve been hearing the term “decolonizing” as it pertains to most industries, but what does that mean for wellness? Fitness, spirituality, and other forms of well-being have been so whitewashed and commodified that they bar many people from participating at all, and rob the culture and traditions from so many others.

Outdoor fitness is booming and it’s a trend that’s set to stay

While I find solace in exercising alone, working out with other people can be motivating and more fun, especially when I’m spending more time by myself than I would usually. And, right now, outdoor workouts are the big thing.

Beyond Meat And The Protein Prizefight For Rightful Place

You may not know about the faux meat versus fresh-meat fracas. It is the protein prizefight of all time. This clash is not for the fainthearted. This battle pits alternative meat producers against cattle raisers. The basis of the battle is this: where in the grocery store should alternative meats be placed for sale?

This New Initiative Is Creating Wellness Kits For Black & Brown Femmes

“What happens to protestors when they come home? What is happening to those who can’t come out [to protest], and who are suffering these injustices in silence?” Model-activist Gabrielle Richardson asks. “Who are those who are extending the arms of care?”

Better Not Younger: How This Former C-Suite Left Her Career To Launch A Hair Care Brand For Women Over 40

Generally speaking, when it comes to women and aging there are lots of topics that are either not talked about out in the open or falsely clouded in fog of misguided stereotypes. Although women’s issues are beginning to be more commonly addressed publicly-we still have a long way to go.

Clue’s first CMO, Dr. Lynae Brayboy, talks fertility tech, LGBTQ health, the clinical trial gender gap

Berlin-based Clue was one of the early companies in the femtech world. Founded in 2012, to date it has raised just under $30 million. Today it named Dr. Lynae Brayboy its first chief medical officer. A trained OBGYN, with a specialty in reproductive endocrinology and fertility, Brayboy has a long history of working in women’s health and a track record of studying femtech products.

This free tool helps brands calculate the carbon footprints of their products

For brands looking to understand their environmental impact, calculating the carbon footprint of something like a pair of jeans or sneakers is typically a complex and expensive process. But a new tool called the 2030 Calculator is designed to be both fast to use and free, helping smaller companies become more transparent about the sustainability of their products.

Virgil Abloh Introduces Activewear for Off-White™’s “OFF ACTIVE” Collection

Having dropped a collaborative women’s Air Jordan 4 in “Sail,” Virgil Abloh has now launched new activewear pieces for a collection dubbed “OFF ACTIVE.” Each item breaks down the boundaries between sport, fashion and art through contemporary design details.


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