Welltodo Today: Top Innovation Projects of 2020, Nike’s “Move To Zero”, Vaginal Microbiome Kit?


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

The most innovative wellness projects of 2020

See all the honorees of Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards in the Wellness category.

Meet The Entrepreneur Building A Global CBD Brand From The UK

Britain’s cannabidiol (CBD) market has accelerated at a remarkable pace. Starting from standstill three years ago when regulators reclassified CBD as a medicine, it is now worth £300m a year according to research from Savills, and sales are on target to hit £1bn by 2025.

Juno Bio launches a vaginal microbiome test kit – targeting the women’s health data gap

Entrepreneur First -backed Juno Bio has launched a home test kit for women wanting to get a better understanding of their vaginal microbiome while also contributing data to further research into women’s health. The vaginal microbiome refers to the community of microbes and bacteria that natur…

Healthy Lives Demand a Healthy Planet

As global events put a spotlight on the health and wellness of people and the planet, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health has taken a bold step to address these issues with its just-launched Healthy Lives Mission.

Nike Is Grasping The Sustainability Nettle With Its “Move To Zero” Campaign

First came the sports jerseys and sneakers crafted from recycled waste plastics. Then came the eco swimwear collections, and pledges to use only renewable energy and reduce its shipping emissions. Now, Nike has gone one further in its sustainability agenda with its “Move to Zero” campaign – a commitment to reduce the American sportswear giant’s carbon emissions and waste to zero.

As one of last sectors to reopen, why have beauty businesses received the least financial support?

Times are tough for many, but no sector has been overlooked as much as the hair, beauty, spa and wellness industry


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