Welltodo Today: Innovation In Animal-Free Dairy, Pret Launches Reusable Bottles, Fitness Keeps Growing In Europe


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Market study: Fitness continues to grow in Europe

According to the study, Germany is consolidating its status as the European country with the most fitness enthusiasts: with an increase of 5.3% to 10.6 million members, Germany remains ahead of Great Britain (9.7 million), France (5.7 million), Italy (5.3 million) and Spain (5.2 million).

£900m fund manager: ‘We caught the athleisure boom – and made 700pc’

Small domestic British companies may have suffered in the wake of the Brexit vote, but global small companies are performing well. The £900m Standard Life Investments’ Global Smaller Companies fund has returned three times the FTSE 100 over the past five years.

Why is the ConBody “prison boot camp” so popular? | Well+Good

By the time I made it to ConBody’s first permanent location on New York City’s Lower East Side, it felt like everyone was buzzing about “that class with ex-cons.” Hardly in the heart of the Flatiron “fitness district,” where gleaming flagships of the latest workout trends seem to open every other week, ConBody is situated on a still-gritty block where its founder, Coss Marte, once reigned as a drug kingpin.

Pret partners with Chilly’s on reusable bottles

Pret is launching a new reusable bottle in partnership with startup Chilly’s Bottles to help customers slash plastic waste. Featuring three different designs exclusive to Pret, the 500ml bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Beyond Milk: Perfect Day Innovating with Animal-Free Dairy – BevNET.com

Perfect Day, a food tech startup, is utilizing a proprietary process to create the same protein found in cow’s milk, allowing the company to develop lactose-free milks, cheeses, yogurts, and other such products with the same nutritional benefits of dairy without sourcing from animals.

Functional training studio operator Sweat IT opens first site in central London

An independently-owned functional training studio has opened its doors in Aldwych, central London. The 38,000sq ft (3,530sq m) Sweat IT is owned by fitness entrepreneur Ben Paul and offers members strength, speed and endurance workouts by combining treadmill training and a large functional rig.

Health And Wellness — The Challenges Of An Alternate Business Model

After seeing how crowded the health and wellness marketplace was, Cameron Fischer and Alfred Schofield, Cofounders of VitalFit Nutrition, discovered that a lot of the top players don’t do a lot of work utilizing innovation. VitalFit, a supplement company, is a young start-up that’s operating through design and influencer business models that are unique to this industry.

This Everlane Alumna Wants To Make Sexual Wellness Gender-Neutral

Maude’s approach is muted by design, with playfully suggestive fruits and millennial pink noticeably absent from its sparse branding and social media aesthetic: The company’s raison d’être is to offer “sex essentials” that are gender-neutral.


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