Welltodo Today: Inside Goop’s Health summit, SoulCycle Expands, Alt-Milks


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.


7 tips for achieving work-life balance, according to wellness execs

Good news: Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or on a mission to launch your own brand, getting ahead at work doesn’t have to mean sacrificing everything else in your life. (Phew!) At least, that’s the deal according to seven super-successful wellness execs, all of whom have figured out how to “have it all ” (in whatever way they personally define the term, that is).

The kooky wellness that gets Goop criticized is exactly what people like about it

The In Goop Health summit, the lifestyle brand’s first foray into experiential conferences, was just as bizarre as you’d expect it to be. There were kale-flavored ice cream pops, vitamin B-12 IV drips, and a DIY bone broth bar. Attendees could check out a foam-rolling class or have their “auras photographed” before listening to a lecture on alternative gut health strategies.

Alt-Milks Brew Up Interest At Coffee Retailers – BevNET.com

While soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk and other non-dairy alternatives have already established a presence on retail shelves, the category still has plenty of room to grow. And in retail coffee shops both big and small, brands have found a valuable opportunity to get more of their product into consumers hands, or cups.

The power of setting a work-related intention every a.m., according to Juicero’s CEO

In this week’s Fit For Business, Well+Good’s co-founder and publisher Alexia Brue sits down with Jeff Dunn, CEO of groundbreaking cold-pressed juicer Juicero. When Jeff Dunn took the CEO reins at Juicero in late 2016, his first big move was bold even for a start-up best known for disrupting the cold-pressed juice industry with its novel single-serve packs.

SoulCycle to launch third Brooklyn location – New York Business Journal

SoulCycle, the New York City-based studio cycling company that’s one piece of the Equinox fitness empire, will be opening its newest location in Brooklyn this week. The new studio, to be based in Park Slope, will debut Thursday, June 15. The 3,188-square-foot studio – at 342 Flatbush Ave.

Biem has launched the world’s first virtual sexual health service

New York City-based start-up Biem has released the world’s first virtual sexual healthcare service. With the aim of encouraging more sexual health testing and information sharing, the app and service makes it easy to talk to a sexual healthcare representative and arrange getting tested.

From Equinox to Midtown to Hilton, the Hotel-Health Club Trend Has Officially Taken Off

For some time, it has seemed the line between hotels and health clubs was blurring. In the last year, that line may have disappeared altogether. More and more hybrid concepts continue to emerge, and some are from the biggest brand names in both industries.


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