Welltodo Today: Inside The Equinox Hotel, PepsiCo Targets Healthy Drinks Market, lululemon & Barry’s Bootcamp Link Up


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The Equinox: an exclusive look at New York’s coolest new wellness hotel

Iam often offered champagne on arrival at luxury resorts, but at Equinox, New York’s hottest opening of 2019, my receptionist suggests a reviving vitamin IV drip instead. I shouldn’t be surprised. This was always destined to be the ultimate high-performance wellness hotel, given that it is the firs

Inside London’s Latest Cult Fitness Studio: Rathbone Boxing Club

Having spent her career in the City, Manya Klempner wanted a change. She wanted to make fitness more accessible and realistic for today’s schedules. Klempner opened the Rathbone Boxing Club, which combines the traditional grit and graft of a boxing gym with the comforts of a boutique studio.

How PepsiCo is ‘unlocking’ the potential of the healthy drinks market

As high fat and sugar drinks fall out of favour, PepsiCo UK is banking on premium and health-conscious consumers to drive demand for healthier options on the market. With investors increasingly reluctant to commit to soft drink and energy stocks, The Drum spoke with PepsiCo UK’s top marketer to learn why it is scaling its sugar-free options in order to diversify their portfolios (or protect their market share).

So long, sourdough pizza: here’s what buyers really want now

What they wantGreeneryLondon has just been crowned the world’s first National Park City. It already has 8m trees, and the mayor, Sadiq Khan, plans to turn the capital 50% green (including gardens and green roofs and walls) by 2050.

NHS abandons plan to let healthy people pay for DNA sequencing

Government plans to sell DNA sequencing to healthy people on condition that they share their results for medical research have been scrapped amid concerns it would create an inequitable two-tier health system.

Sweat Marketing: Lululemon’s Tie-In With Barry’s Bootcamp

Retail brands promoting each other in the thriving athletic clothing and exercise sectors keeps getting a workout. The recent entrant is Lululemon Athletica, which this week unveiled a new exercise tog collection produced in partnership with Barry’s Bootcamp, the boutique fitness chain known for its high-intensity interval training-HIIT-workouts.

Plant-based eggs land their first major fast food deal

Plant-based eggs have landed their first big fast-food deal, following in the footsteps of the plant-based burger trend. Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons is testing JUST Egg at locations in its home market.


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