Welltodo Today: Juicero Shuts Up Shop, Nestle & Unilever Splash Out On Wellness, Wellbeing Worries For The Over 55s


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

8 apps to help boost your productivity this fall

The New Year is typically the most popular time for a fresh start, but with the crisp, energizing fall air settling in, the season feels like the perfect time to buckle down and get things done. Because after a summer of beach days and trips, those overflowing to-do lists (unfortunately) aren’t going complete themselves.

Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about wellness

The internet is alive with nutrition advice. Here’s a guide to finding information you can trust. Food is medicine. But one man’s food can be another man’s poison. And not all nutrition advice you read will be the right prescription for you.

Juicero and Its Backers Thankfully See the End of Another Silicon Valley Failure

The news is now official: Juicero, the high-flying, VC-backed Silicon Valley producer of overly expensive juicers and proprietary juice packs is crushed and done. No more “innovative” cold-pressed ways of getting your liquid carrot or kale. Food lovers, orchards, and lovers of business well-conceived and undertaken should rejoice. Not to be cruel.

How To Rapidly Grow Your Small Fitness Studio In Just One Year

Why do some fitness studios consistently grow while others fail? Massive growth comes from raising all standards of your business together. After working with thousands of personal trainers around the world, I’ve noticed some common themes that will help you speed up your success, whether you’re thinking about opening a studio or simply want to get to the next level.

The Global Wellness Summit Will Be Nothing Like Goop’s Health Gathering

While Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Summit wasn’t exactly embraced, it’s not the only wellness-focused summit around, where you can learn about exactly what you should be drinking, eating and lifting. The Global Wellness Summit is coming to the Breakers from October 9 to 11, and the list of experts attending is far more advanced than Gwyneth’s actress pals who attended the Goop Summit.

The main ageing-related concerns of the over-55s have been revealed

The top ageing-related concerns among over-55s in the UK are health issues, financial security and being moved from their homes, according to a report published this month by global market research group Mintel. Key highlights include: Wellbeing worries: The primary age-related concern for Brits aged 55+ is the fear of developing dementia, with 56% citing this as their number one worry.

The F-word: why London’s fitness elite are flexing their fascia

You’ve got your cardio-to-weights-training ratio down, you meditate daily, your diet is that of a saint – but how’s your fascia doing? The ‘F-word’ currently has the wellness world abuzz, with a host of new workouts and products promising to condition and work it.

Nestle and Unilever buy tea and healthy food companies

The plant based food sector is expected to be worth a mammoth $5bn by 2020 Nestle, which wants to focus on nutrition and health has bought Sweet Earth Unilever has bought Pukka Herbs, the world’s fastest growing herbal tea brand Nestle and Unilever have expanded their portfolio of healthy foods and teas by purchasing food companies Sweet Earth and Pukka Herbs respectively.


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