Welltodo Today: Kombucha Hits London Pubs? The Battle Of The Sports Bra, Adidas Launches Lifestyle App


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Why Adidas Is Going Beyond Fitness With Its New “All Day” Lifestyle App

We’ve been tracking our steps, runs, sleep and more on apps for a while now. The Nike Plus iPod was announced in 2006. Its app launched in 2010. Fitbit was founded in 2007. Beyond the running and exercise tracking, there’s a plethora of sleep apps, yoga apps, nutrition apps, and more, all aimed at helping us use data to fine tune our daily lives.

The beauty products working to the rhythm of your skin

US brand Ciradia is one of the pioneers As wellness attitudes continue to drive product development and marketing across retail categories, clever brands are exploring nuanced health avenues. In beauty, the circadian rhythm or body clock is inspiring expert skincare. US brand Circadia has developed a range that works around the skin’s natural nighttime circadian rhythm of renewal and repair.

Gut-friendly Kombucha could soon be coming to London pubs

Before the gym bunnies and yoga nuts of London caught wind of kombucha, Louise Avery, founder of the LA Brewery, was making it in somewhere altogether less trendy: the Hebrides. “You can’t get vegetables in winter there, so my plan was to create a nutritious, preservable drink,” says Avery, who moved there from London six years ago.

Goop Goes On The Defensive In A Doctors’ Note To Haters

Goop is responding to critics-again. Today, in a letter titled “Uncensored: A Word from Our Doctors,” the lifestyle website defended its support of unorthodox health practices, and the medical professionals who advocate them. The three-tier piece includes a general note from the editors along with statements from two doctors who are Goop contributors.

How Making Time For Health And Wellness Will Improve Your Career Exponentially

When Carly de Castro was a publicist in New York City early in her career, she fell into unhealthy habits which negatively impacted her physical and emotional well-being. She and two childhood friends founded Pressed Juicery to share the benefits of juicing.

Boutique brand Digme Fitness to open fourth studio

Digme Fitness will be opening a 3,900sq ft (362sq m) pay-as-you-train branch in London’s Blackfriars next week, offering cycling and HIIT classes. Launched in June 2016 in Richmond, southwest London, the boutique brand also has studios in Moorgate in central London, and Oxford.

Lululemon and Under Armour Are in a Legal Battle Over…a Bra Strap

This isn’t the first time Lululemon has sued a rival.


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