Welltodo Today: Lanserhof Opens In London, Torture Workouts, Sexual Wellness Startups Ripe For Acquisition


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Sexual wellness companies are ripe for acquisition – Glossy

Beyond the two companies interest in eco-friendly products — Sustain Natural sells a line of organic lubricants, condoms, period cups and tampons — Grove Collaborative had not so bullishly approached products that are so singularly focused on women before. But interest in women’s-centric offerings have grown over the last year.

The DJs who are swapping wild nights for wellness and yoga

It’s early morning in a sunlit square in central London and I and 50 others are tying our limbs in knots while a serene American woman whispers instructions and two of the biggest DJs in the world play hypnotic ambient music. Welcome to clubbing 2.0 – the wellness years.

What is a ‘torture workout’ and why are they on the rise?

“The remedy is pain” shouts the trainer at 1Rebel ‘s new studio in Islington, London. A latecomer to HIIT (high intensity interval training), I’m taking my place on a treadmill in a dark studio for its official launch, not without some trepidation.

The wellness movement has infiltrated car design

Picture an early-morning soiree with fruit parfaits, boxed water, and a meditation class underway as the languorous boat traffic on Manhattan’s East River glides by. If you weren’t close paying attention, it would have been easy to mistake Lincoln’s recent car-launch shindig for a wellness meet-up.

Forget hot yoga and meditation – breathing is the hip new wellness trend

Stuart Sandeman’s technique is called “breath work” for a reason. After an hour forcing myself under Sandeman’s instruction to inhale with my abdomen not my chest, I feel like I’ve put a proper shift in.

Lanserhof opens its doors at London’s iconic Arts Club

German wellness operator Lanserhof has opened its first UK location at the historic Arts Club in London. The six-storey luxury health and wellness club – situated on Dover Market Street in Mayfair – has a focus on personalised services and houses a wide range of gym spaces equipped by Technogym, exercise and studio rooms and a full-service spa featuring treatment rooms and a cryotherapy chamber.


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