Welltodo Today: Life Time Gyms To Expand, ‘Coronanxiety’, Seedlip Pushes Sustainability


The game-changing investment, acquisition and funding news impacting the industry and driving the business of wellness this week.

Cult-Favorite CBD Brand Highline Wellness Expands Into Skincare

Cult-favorite brand, Highline Wellness has been a leader in the CBD market since its launch in early 2019. Founded by three childhood friends, Highline Wellness offers a diverse range of CBD products – from gummies, to oils, to bath bombs, and other products that help maintain a happier, healthier and more balanced state of mind.

Could yoga be the cure for teenage coronanxiety? It’s not such a stretch

She began delivering Zoom yoga to teens (including Theresa) as part of a DofE award after seeing how anxious her preteen daughter Emily was at the start of lockdown. “I could see her breathing into her chest more and also her need for more belonging and community with school taken away,” says Ward.

Life Time CEO betting big on New York City’s recovery with 7 new fitness centers – New York Business Journal

While many gym chains have financially struggled during the coronavirus pandemic, Life Time Inc. is preparing to open new fitness centers in New York City. And Bahram Akradi, Life Time’s founder, chairman and CEO, is looking for more real estate.

Modern Retail Talk: How Topicals tries to tap into Gen Z’s aspirations

Most DTC brands have been trying to target a certain type of consumer – usually, high-earning millennials. Topicals has been going about things differently. The startup skincare brand, which launched earlier this year, has said that it wants to market itself to the idiosyncrasies of Gen Z.

Tyson Plots Its Plant-Based Future With A Push Into A Crowded European Market

T yson Foods entered the plant-based meat space in the U.S. just one year ago. Now, it’s charting global growth by expanding into Europe. Its Raised & Rooted line, which is in 10,000 U.S. grocery stores, will soon be sold across European restaurants, hotels and cafeterias.

These BIPOC-Owned Kombucha Brands Are Fighting for More Diversity in the Drinks Space

Kombucha -a fermented tea associated with gut health benefits-is as emblematic of the wellness world as grain bowls or leggings. It’s about as ubiquitous, too: There’s certainly no shortage of brands bottling the probiotic drink. At some stores, like Whole Foods, the coolers packed with kombucha take up an entire wall.

Seedlip’s Mushroom-Derived Packaging | Stylus

British non-alcoholic spirits brand Seedlip has released a visually striking gift pack in time for the festive season that prioritises sustainable materials. The outer box is made from a mycelium (the root system of mushrooms) and biomass-derived material that can compost in just 40 days.


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