Welltodo Today: Luxury Napping, Are Reusable Water Bottles The Latest Status Symbol? Lululemon Bumps Up Earnings


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When Did Reusable Water Bottles Become A Status Symbol?

What’s the most amount of money you’d spend on a water bottle? £20? £50? £1,000? Believe it or not, the latter is not some far-fetched fantasy number. It is an actual, purchasable option, thanks to a recent collaboration between S’well and Swarovski, which asks four figures for a water bottle festooned with over 6,000 crystals, or a somewhat more manageable £110 for one with a crystal-embellished top.

Luxury nap destinations are the latest wellness trend

Most of us stop taking daily naps while our age is still in the single digits, but now taking a midday snooze is becoming one of the most talked-about lifestyle trends among adults. Nap rooms and napping clubs are popping up, allowing the restless and overworked to get some necessary shut-eye.

Wellness Pop-Up Aims To Improve Visitors’ Health In Only 30 Seconds

People visiting The Lifestyle Lab can get a fast and painless health checkup using brand new scanning technology as well as try out healthy foods and fitness programs Global shopping center developer Westfield is testing a new wellness pop-up targeting people’s natural abilities to stay healthy.

Is It The Employer’s Responsibility To Encourage Wellness In The Workplace?

In 2015, launched Black Girl In Om (BGIO), a wellness community for women of color supported via pop-up events, a podcast, an online publication, weekly newsletters and a dedicated social media following. Originally started as a localized set of meditation and yoga classes in Chicago led by Ash, BGIO has grown exponentially in just a short period of time.

Could co-operative supermarkets be the solution to expensive organic food?

People aren’t so different the world over. No-one likes the idea of eating something pumped full of antibiotics or colour-changing chemicals. No one wants to think about the animals they’ve just ingested growing up in excruciating pain. But if there’s one thing stopping most people from going organic-only, it’s price.

How Mobile Apps Have Whitewashed Mindfulness Practices

Image: Pixabay Meditation practices have made it into yoga classes, magazines, and mobile apps, but the concept of mindfulness has also become increasingly divorced from its roots. Similar to the Western practice of yoga, plenty of people-including the largely affluent, white tech entrepreneurs-are profiting from mobile apps like Headspace or Calm.

Lululemon Gives Rivals Perspiration and Inspiration

Lululemon Athletica Inc. shares are not far off the record they hit in June, and for good reason. The yoga apparel chain delivered blockbuster first-quarter results and significantly bumped up its earnings guidance for the full year.

Delta And Equinox Offer Workout Classes Aimed At Treating Jet Lag

To promote the airline’s feature-rich Airbus A350 designed to reduce the negative effects of air travel, the brand is offering customers jet lag-suppressing classes with their boarding pass, optimizing customer comfort while also extending brand engagement Delta airlines and Equinox Fitness Clubs are bringing Sweatlag to L.A.


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