Welltodo Today: Millennials Spend How Much On Wellness? Fitness Tech Startup Raises $45M, CBD Beauty


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Kind Escalates The Bar Wars

Snack bar maker Kind is calling out the sugar content in rival bars as it launches an augmented reality pop-up in Manhattan for 48 hours. The pop-up installation allows consumers to use mobile devices to see the sugar content of everyday snacks.

These Founders Are Challenging Pharma With CBD Based Sexual Wellness Products

Several wellness companies are looking at cannabidiol, or CBD ― the non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant ― as the heart of sexual wellness products that improve symptoms related to the female sexual experience, as opposed to relying solely on pharma products.

Love Wellness targets millennials with CBD launch at Urban Outfitters – Glossy

Women’s personal-care and ingestibles company Love Wellness is the latest to venture into CBD. On April 9, the brand launched on LoveWellness.co a CBD-focused collection including Timeout CBD bath salts, ingestible supplements and tincture oils. The products retail for $29.99 to $49.99.

Why Your Favorite Healthy Snack May Not Be Healthy?

Because a label says a snack is healthy and all-natural, what does this really mean? We don’t know? The last time the FDA created regulations around healthy labeling was 1994. Since then, nutritionists and doctors have changed recommendations for healthy food and beverage consumption.

Check out all the new tech that wants to help your digestive struggles

In the not-so distant past, if you felt like a certain food was causing digestive issues (say you got, ahem, gassy every time you ate dairy), your options were either to: A. Cut said food out of your life and see if you feel better. B. Go to your doctor for testing.

Gyms, supplements and prescriptions cost the average Briton £65k in a lifetime, poll claims

Gym memberships, vitamins and supplements, prescriptions, exercise classes and healthy food will cost the average Briton £65,000 over a lifetime, according to a new poll of 2,000 adults. The survey found that they would spend an average £1,091.26 a year. Multiplied by an average 60.3 year-lifespan, this equates to a total of £65,802.98.

Tonal raises $45 million to bring strength training to more living rooms

Tonal is today announcing its Series C financing that it hopes will allow the company to bring its at-home gym to even more homes. The funding round shows investors’ excitement around the new generation of personal exercise equipment that combines on-demand training with smart features. Tonal…


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