Welltodo Today: Mindful Sex, Can At-Home Yoga Cancel Gyms? Calm’s Celebrity-Backed Approach


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How the Rise in Plant-Based Eating Is Transforming the Fast Food Landscape

Meat has long been the main event at most fast food restaurants. It’s served in the form of burgers, nuggets, deli meat, and taco beef crumbles, all cheap and conventionally sourced, and consistently flavored and textured so that the burger you have at one restaurant in Milwaukee tastes exactly the same as the burger at another location in New York City or Santa Fe.

A journey to mindful sex: how a new app is helping women find sexual wellbeing

When entrepreneurs Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak were developing their mindful sex app, Ferly, male investors said the idea was not worth funding: they claimed that women were a “niche market” and recommended the pair focus on porn to get ahead.

The Gym Group’s share price is down nearly 50% in 2020. Here’s what I’d do now

The UK is coming out of lockdown and gyms look set to reopen in the near future. Could The Gym Group shares offer rebound potential? The post The Gym Group’s share price is down nearly 50% in 2020. Here’s what I’d do now appeared first on The Motley Fool UK.

When will the UK’s indoor gyms reopen?

Other countries have already reopened gyms, including Hong Kong, which has perspex screens between treadmills, and Switzerland, which has adapted facilities and limited numbers. With many people working from home, the Swiss have since reported a more consistent flow of users rather than a flurry of people attending at the traditional morning and evening peak times.

Harry Styles is narrating sleep stories for Calm and fans are going wild for it

Harry Styles has teamed up with meditation app Calm to narrate sleep stories for fans and, well, the news has gone down a real treat. Taking to Twitter, the official account for Calm gave fans a teaser of what they can expect (spoiler alert: Harry’s soothing, soothing tones) and revealed that said stories narrated by the former One Direction star to help listeners get to sleep at night will be available from 8 July.

Lululemon Is Buying Mirror, But Can At-Home Yoga Cancel Gyms?

With yoga, boxing, meditation, a $40 personal training session which was introduced last year, live stream, and on-demand sessions, Lululemon and Mirror are looking to take the sleek home gym to new levels during a pandemic that is predicted to take us into 2021.

Say hello to TRIP – the CBD brand that tastes like a dream

In the past few years, CBD has flooded the wellness market, becoming the hot new ingredient for everything from serums to supplements. It’s no wonder, really, when the benefits range from anxiety reduction to anti-inflammatory properties. By 2022, the CBD market is predicted to be worth $22 billion.


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