Welltodo Today: Nestle Invests In Organic Startup, Is Self-Care The Latest Market Opportunity? How Fitness Operators Are Using Tech


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Nestle buys majority stake in organic food company Terrafertil

Nestle said on Friday that it has bought a majority stake in Terrafertil, a company selling natural and organic plant based foods. The move is the latest step by Nestle to expand its profile in healthy foods as it seeks to offset weakness in the packaged foods sector.

Why Self-Care Is the Perfect Partner to HIIT

A few years ago, high-intensity workout classes took off and have maintained speed. This is largely because they’re fun (bumping music, a group setting, quick moves) and the training style is effective. Studies show working harder for a shorter amount of time is a proven way to burn fat and boost metabolism.

From Winter Olympian to Yoga Studio Owner: Jamie Silverstein’s Founder Story

Many studio owners are former athletes or dancers who turned their passion into their business. Yet it’s not every day you come across a former Olympian who managed to pivot their passion into something new, like former ice dancer Jamie Silverstein did when she opened her yoga studio, The Grinning Yogi , in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

How Top Fitness Chains Are Using Tech to Keep You Coming Back

For Equinox, Flywheel, Orangetheory, and others, digital pain equals gain.

Why Pop-Up Fitness Is Becoming So Popular

Pop-ups from brands in a variety of industries are tapping into wellness and fitness to appeal to and enhance customers’ lifestyles More brands are using experiential marketing and innovative activations to create customer-focused pop-up fitness and wellness events. PSFK researchers have been exploring how companies are utilizing pop-ups to extend their experiences and enhance customers’ daily lives.

Karma food waste app arrives in London

A new food app that aims to tackle surplus food waste by connecting consumers with grocery stores, restaurants and cafés makes its debut in the UK today. Karma, which launched in Sweden in November 2016 and counts three of the country’s biggest supermarkets among its partners, gives consumers the chance of buying food that would otherwise go to waste at 50% discount.

Hotels see value in wellness investment

Wellness is far more than a fad these days. It is an ever-growing lifestyle, and one that the hospitality industry can leverage to boost profits. The global wellness industry is a $3.7-trillion market, Susie Ellis, CEO of the Global Wellness Summit, said at a recent gathering of wellness professionals in New York City, making wellness more profitable than the pharmaceutical industry.

Watching David Attenborough documentaries just as good for you as mindfulness, study finds

While mindfulness and meditation may have swept the nation, both practices actually have few benefits over watching a David Attenborough documentary, a new study claims. Miguel Farias, a psychologist at Coventry University, along with scientists from New Zealand and the Netherlands, wanted to test whether the methods actually led to self-improvement.

Hollywood’s go-to mindfulness master wants you to try Transcendental Meditation

The power of meditation is well known at this point: It can better your dating and sex life, help you maintain your #girlboss ways, and even ease period pain. But there’s one form of the ancient practice you might not have tried yet, and it’s only getting more popular, thanks to Hollywood’s favorite teacher, Bob Roth.


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