Welltodo Today: Next-Gen Health Tech, UK Gyms & Studios Not Opening Yet, Athleisure For Business


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Operators of gyms and pools query England’s new lockdown rules

The government has given the green light to a night out in a pub or restaurant in England but gym workouts, swimming pools, nightclub dance floors and even manicures are still off limits – prompting accusations of glaring inconsistencies as the lockdown is eased.

How This Melbourne-Based Brand Is Championing A New Way Of Thinking About Wellness

Like many young twenty-something’s, Rachael Akhidenor was eager to explore the world of wellness to combat the stresses of entering adulthood. It didn’t take long though, for her to realise that as a person of colour, she was largely excluded from the conversations taking place in the industry.

Wearable Tech: The World’s New Bet to Tackle Coronavirus?

Many industries across the globe are witnessing a bloodbath as the outbreak of novel coronavirus is forcing several companies to shut their businesses or scale back their normal operations to curtail the spread of the deadly contagion. At the same time, with the pandemic woes intensifying, stakeholders are racing against time to develop technological solutions to pitch in on the COVID-19 frontline.

I’m a Diversity Consultant, and These Are the 4 Most Common Questions I’ve Been Asked This Month

In the weeks and months following recent murders and injustices toward my Black community, companies and brands want to do better. Being an anti-racist company is top priority right now, and the public statements made, donations given, and pledges extended to assure that Black Lives Matter reflect this societal reckoning.

Five things to consider when choosing a business partner | Marie Claire

Has lockdown made you think about getting that dream business off the ground with your friend? Here are the critical things to consider first if you want to get it right, by a woman who knows Words by Hettie Holmes Going into business with someone is like entering into a marriage.

Once a WFH Staple, Athleisure Gets Down to Business

You’ve been working from home since March. Much like in the Before Times, you probably spend most of the day sitting at a desk (or kitchen table). But now you also lounge on the sofa more than your productivity and posture would prefer.

Healthy.io, maker of a ‘medical selfie,’ is part of the new generation of Israeli health-tech companies

Israel’s health-tech scene is having a bit of a moment. Healthy.io is just one of the start-ups headquartered in Tel Aviv and moving into the U.S. health-care market. The company, which builds technology to make it easier for consumers to take urine analysis tests at home, already has relationships with U.S.

The World’s Largest Meat Seller Embraces Plant-Based Proteins As Pandemic Demand Surges

Fears over meat supply shortages led to a new round of panic-buying this spring. But for upstarts like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, it became the ultimate test: If these proteins couldn’t prove themselves with consumers at such a crucial time, when could they?


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