Welltodo Today: Nike Launches Yoga Line, The Sephora Of CBD, Refillable Beauty


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Goop alumni launch the “Sephora of CBD” to target the cannabis curious

As CBD morphs from niche to mainstream, the onslaught of new products containing the compound proves relentless. Every day brings another body lotion, beverage, gumdrop, even wine-each claiming to offer relaxing and pain-relieving benefits. It’s hard to keep track (or make sense of it all), which is why two former Goop directors built an online marketplace solely devoted to the trendy cannabis compound.

Well+Good Founders On Workplace Wellness Trends For 2019

While most media companies end each year with a roundup of what happened during the past year, Well+Good, a wellness-focused media company founded in 2010, closes each year with a look towards what they predict will be pertinent to their readers in the coming year.

The CEO Of SoulCycle Shares Her Best Career Advice

Melanie Whelan road in her first SoulCycle class in 2008 at the fitness company’s very first studio on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. “I was instantly hooked, despite not having enjoyed indoor cycling in the past.

Refillable beauty is about to change the way you shop for makeup

At first glance, there’s nothing wrong with your #shelfie. Your deodorant is all-natural and so is your favorite lipstick, lotion, serum, and oil. But look again: How many of those beauty and personal hygiene products are packaged in plastic?

The Biggest Wellness Trend This Year? Female Pleasure

You wouldn’t typically consider vibrators or lube as part of your beauty regime, but soon you might. Sexual pleasure products have been infiltrating the wellness and beauty scenes recently and are slowly becoming daily care necessities, much like a good under-eye cream or body oil.

Celebrate the Athleticism of Yoga

Skateboarder Korahn Gayle “Sometimes I’ll spend eight hours just skating ’round the city, maybe trying a trick -the same trick – for two hours straight. Then I wake up the next day super-sore and restricted in places. Or I can’t try a trick because my hip or groin is too tight.

Retailers flood shelves with own-label NPD for Veganuary

Supermarkets have unveiled a flood of plant-based own-label NPD, amid predictions 2019 will be the year plant-based food becomes “truly mainstream”. Charity Veganuary predicted 300,000 pledges to ditch meat and dairy this month.


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