Welltodo Today: Orangetheory Partners With Grocery Stores, Does ClassPass Have A Problem?, Are Wearables Ignoring Women?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Is Orangetheory coming to a grocery store near you?

Your grocery shopping list might soon include an Orangetheory class right after the reminder to pick up spinach, milk, and eggs. The popular boutique fitness company is partnering with Hy-Vee to anchor studios right next to the grocery stores. How’s that for convenient?

71% of shoppers to reduce environmental impact over Christmas – IGD study – FoodBev Media

71% of UK shoppers are aiming to reduce their environmental impact this Christmas, according to new research by IGD. The latest research from IGD has highlighted that sustainability, ethics and saving money are prominent themes for food and grocery shopping this Christmas.

ClassPass Has a Spam Problem

W hen product designer Celia McQueen moved to New York, she immediately joined ClassPass – it would be a fun way to find new exercise studios, she thought. For $125 per month, the subscription included access to hundreds of boutique studios. The only limit was two classes per studio per month.

Xponential Fitness CEO talks the latest boutique fitness trends

This year was a huge one for the boutique fitness industry and we saw cycling and boxing studios popping up all over the country. And of course, there was the Peloton IPO. Anthony Geisler, Xponential Fitness CEO, joined The Final Round to discuss the state of the boutique fitness industry.

Goop Favorite Clean Market to Debut Tonic Bar at Wynn

Long in the works, but now finally confirmed, New York’s Clean Market is headed to the Wynn Las Vegas creating its first out-of-state health and wellness center. Expected to move into space 27 at the Wynn Esplanade, in Manhattan, Lily Cunin’s widely praised concept features a cafe and tonic bar, built around a menu “free​ ​of​ ​gluten,​ ​refined​ ​sugar,​ ​and​ ​refined​ oils.”

Fitness trackers and wearables are ignoring a $50bn market: women

Smartphones are too big to fit women’s hands comfortably. Virtual reality headsets, billed as the future of gaming and workplace training, are too large for women’s heads. Google’s speech recognition software struggles to understand women speaking. These biases are frustrating in everyday life, but they quickly become dangerous when they filter into technology designed to improve our health.

From private Peloton studios to snow cabins, how at-home spas are upping their game in the world’s most opulent homes

From snow cabins and salt caves to whole-house air purification and Alexa-powered beds that control the boudoir’s mood, the wellness revolution has taken hold in the world’s most opulent homes. “Wellness is no longer something my clients want to tap into post-Christmas or pre-beach.


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