Welltodo Today: Orangetheory & Peloton Named Most Innovative Brands, The Rise Of Virtual Fit Squads, Brain Training


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Finding the Right Approach to High-End Wellness

There’s a significant degree of crossover between the wellness and luxury ends of the travel market. After all, many of those concerned with keeping their There’s a significant degree of crossover between the wellness and luxury ends of the travel market.

Brain training: Could gaming become the new mindfulness?

There’s an element of smug self-satisfaction as I arrange the cascade of technicolour Tetris blocks stacking up on my iPhone screen into towers, zapping them joyfully into oblivion like a joystick-giddy Marie Kondo. But then I misplace an L shape, the blocks become unsortable, like mounting utility bills, and I’m seized by an urge to hurl my smartphone at a passing editor.

CrossFit’s infiltration into China and the world’s most populous country

The branded workout regime has cracked Chinese culture, which could bode well for the country and company

Orangetheory, Peloton Top Fast Company’s Most Innovative Wellness Companies List

Each year, Fast Company publishes a list of the top 50 most innovative companies, recognizing brands across 35 categories, including wellness. “This year, Fast Company’s editors and writers sought out groundbreaking businesses across 35 industries and every region,” according to the magazine. “We also judged nominations received through our application process.

Inside the rise of virtual fit squads

Naomi Gugliotta looked around the table at the 17 other women she was spending a four-day weekend with in Florida. Boarding her flight back home in Oregon, she’d been nervous to meet them, but now, a day into her trip, it was hard for her to believe that up until then, the group had only DMed and texted, but never met in person.

In Depth: The Future Consumers Every Brand Must Know About | Stylus

The consumer landscape is changing, fast. Why are millennials migrating from the city to the country? Why does Gen Z have so much spending power? How come Gen Alpha, aged between nought and nine, already has influencers? And what of the emerging cohorts united not by age, but by lifestyles and values?


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