Welltodo Today: Peloton To Hike Prices? Calm Diversifies, Brands Target Perimenopause

Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Peloton’s high-tech fitness bike and treadmill will soon cost you as much as $350 more as it hikes prices to cope with higher costs

Peloton is hiking prices for its fitness bike and treadmill by $250 and $350 respectively. Delivery and setup were previously free with purchase, but customers will have to pay separately from January 31. A Peloton spokesperson told CNBC it was being hit by “global economic and supply chain challenges.”

Hybrid brand LIT Method targets rapid growth through franchising

Wellness operator and fit tech company, LIT Method, (low-intensity training) is ramping up expansion after launching into the franchising market. The company’s hybrid business model now combines studios with an at-home, digital fitness offering based on the proprietary LIT Strength Machine. The high-intensity, low impact workouts are built on the promise of “no running, no jumping and no weights”.

Fast-food chains are finally taking vegan food seriously

Fast-food chains are churning out more vegan food as demand rises and the market booms. Restaurants doubling down include Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, and McDonalds. But only a small chunk of the US and UK are vegan. It’s flexitarians who are driving the trend.

Supplements Start-Ups Highlight Perimenopause | Stylus

As menopause rapidly moves from an under-the-radar condition to a $15.4bn global market (Grand View Research, 2021), more brands are homing in on perimenopause – the stage when hormones first start changing – targeting the mass of wellness-savvy millennials just entering their 40s.

Calm makes its first foray into physical activity and video content with new ‘Daily Move’ feature

Meditation app Calm has launched its first foray into physical activity with its new “Daily Move” short-form video series. The company says the new feature guides users through simple exercises to get them moving. The video series will be featured daily in the app. The activities featur…

How one founder spotted the future of the fitness industry and built tools for trainers to take advantage

While owning and operating studio gym spaces in New York, Alexandra Bonetti knew that it shouldn’t have to be this hard to establish processes for issues all gyms have, like recruiting new members, hiring qualified talent and getting substitutes for classes, to name a few. So she founded The Talent…

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