Welltodo Today: Prince Harry Joins Mental Wellness Startup, At-Home Healthcare, The Sound Of Wellness


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How will Unilever build a €1bn plant-based meat and dairy business by 2027?

Unilever recently announced a new annual global sales target of €1bn from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives by 2025-27. The goal is part of the company’s Future Foods ambition, which also includes commitments to halve food waste in its direct operations by 2025, double the number of products delivering positive nutrition within the same time frame, and continue to lower calorie, salt and sugar levels across products.

Prince Harry’s new job announced

The Duke of Sussex will step into the role of chief impact officer, the San Francisco-based firm revealed on its website on Tuesday. As part of his role, the duke will advocate publicly on topics related to mental health and will also be involved in initiatives including product strategy decisions and charitable contributions.

Banana peel bacon and sauce packet meatloaf: Ikea wants you to cook with food waste

When you come across curdled milk, or wilted greens, it’s usually a sign that they’ve reached the end of their life. Ikea respectfully disagrees. Ikea Canada is getting into the cooking game with Scrapsbook, a new cookbook that utilizes all those forgotten, back-of-the-fridge products and food waste that are usually tossed.

The Adventure Sports Industry Has Long Felt Like a “White Boys Club”-These Are The People Working To Change That

“Adventure travel is a lot like a boys club,” says Evita Robinson, founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, an online community for travelers of color. “Actually, it’s a lot like a white boys club.” Take a peek at the marketing materials for most major outdoor sporting brands or travel brochures, and the overwhelming number of rugged white guys climbing a mountain or white-water rafting just proves her point.

How 3 Start-Ups Are Furthering At-Home Health Care

Our homes have become our gyms, our offices, and our spas, so it’s no surprise that, with the surge of at-home testing kits, they’re also pivoting to become our de facto health care practices as well.

Lend Me Your Ears: Have You Heard Of Sound Wellness?

Music is running through me. Deep, resonant chords rise and fall, interspersed with bright, high notes. As the final, uplifting notes ebb away, I lie back – floating in a safe and beautiful space. I am on my sofa, having just experienced psychedelic sound therapy.


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