Welltodo Today: Pseudoscience & Wellness, PepsiCo Acquires Plant-Based Startup, Is Sextech The Next Wellness Frontier?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How Foot Locker, Nike, North Face And Starbucks Created A Culture Of Customer Loyalty

A look at a new study of retail customer loyalty and trust from InMoment conducted with 1,300 consumers and how leading customer-engagement brands, like Foot Locker, Nike, The North Face and Starbucks, have created a corporate culture that cultivates a loyal and dedicated following.

‘If we’re going to tackle the rise of pseudoscience we need to make an example of Goop’

From dubious supplements to inaccurate research, all the way to allegedly healing stones, what’s next in the wellness market? Hopefully, regular controls and stricter regulations, as the booming industry continues to spark controversies because of irresponsible health advice – but, at last, no longer without any consequence.

PepsiCo acquires plant-based superfood brand Health Warrior – FoodBev Media

PepsiCo has acquired plant-based superfood brand Health Warrior for an undisclosed sum, as the company aims to keep pace with changing consumer demands…

Fitness Recovery Tech: The Importance Of Recovery From Exercise And The Tech Used To Do It

I visited PT Training studio No1Fitness to check out their cutting-edge recovery tech lunge and why it’s important for our health

A new class of wellness beverages is trying to change how we think about beauty – Glossy Source

Glossy is a daily online publication and media company exploring the intersection of fashion and luxury through the lens of digital and tech.

How Women Made Sextech The Next Great Frontier For Growth

As both consumers and entrepreneurs, it’s women who have seized the sextech market – but who will ultimately profit?

Grocery shopping is about to get way better, according to Whole Foods’ CEO

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey gets candid about how Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition will affect customers and the future of grocery shopping.


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