Welltodo Today: Reframing The Masculinity Of Meat, The Fastest Growing Fitness Trend, Redefining Wellness


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

This startup is Trader Joe’s meets Costco, with a splash of Brandless

What if you could Frankenstein together the low prices and variety of a Costco, the health consciousness of Whole Foods, with the quality and design of an Everlane? Direct-to-consumer startup Public Goods does that by offering low prices for premium products by way of a $59 yearly membership.

Legacy Brands Can Compete With Challengers by Blending Nostalgia and Values

Few things can take you back to childhood like recreating the food experiences you once loved. Making Kraft Mac & Cheese all by yourself. Lucky Charms’ magically delicious cereal milk. M&Ms melting in your mouth. But as consumers’ eating patterns evolve, will the fun foods of decades past be available for kids to enjoy?

ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia Spills On Fitting In Fitness & Healthy Food When You’re Crazy Busy

Getting sucked into a perfectionist ideal about our diet and exercise routine can block us from reaping the mental and physical benefits. Here, ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia shares how to make healthy food and fitness fit into your week and what that looks like in her own busy life.

And the fastest growing fitness trend is…

If you trotted it out during a treadmill class at any point during 2018, congratulations: You were part of the year’s fastest growing trend in fitness. According to ClassPass ‘s recently released year-end data from 2018, there was an 82 percent increase in classes that incorporate treadmills in the past year, and they don’t expect to see those numbers slowing down any time soon.

Can plant-based burger startups reframe the masculinity of meat?

In a Bud Light ad from 2013, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan is seen tailgating with his small barbecue grill. Amid a backdrop of festive jersey-clad men, our protagonist wears a look of utter confusion and disappointment as he holds a box of something completely foreign: quinoa veggie burgers.

Arianna Huffington on the next big thing in tech: Disconnecting from it

Arianna Huffington made a fortune during the first era of the internet, and now she says it is time to reevaluate our relationship with tech. The next big thing, she says, will be a reversal: limiting our time on smartphones or even disconnecting.

5 startups that are redefining the way we think about health and wellness

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