Welltodo Today: SoulCycle Expands Outdoors, Fitness Brands Leverage Video Content, Calm’s Latest Popstar Recruits


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

SoulCycle Expanding Outdoor Program With 20 New Locations

Locations for riders to clip in will include Denver, Austin, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and more. Though indoor fitness studios are slowly opening up in major cities and at-home workouts are still all the rage, the thrill of exercising in a group with an instructor at the helm is definitely missed among fitness enthusiasts.

Is Retail Missing An Opportunity In Wellness Tech?

Nearly half of the nation’s adults are managing prolonged anxiety and sadness from the pandemic. Ever resilient, consumers are adapting fast to new technologies. from digital therapeutics to activity apps. Is retail doing enough to capitalize on the opportunity to help?

Fitness brands look to organic, short-form video to connect with remote consumers – Digiday

Fitness brands that once relied on foot traffic and in-store shoppers are leaning into organic video strategies to keep consumers engaged. RXBar and Blink Fitness are doubling down on their organic video content creation across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The mental wellness of young people took a dive in 2020

A new survey of people in eight countries finds that mental wellness took a dive in 2020, with the worst effects found among the young. Why it matters: Few people’s mental health escaped unscathed from the effects of the pandemic, but the gap between the state of the young versus older adults could mean serious problems down the road.

Interest In Travel Wellness Is At An All-Time High

Feeling a bit anxious about COVID and all of the changes that it has wrought? You may need some time to yourself at a spa. And that’s not surprising. In fact, the Global Wellness Summit recently advised that this year, 2021, may just be the year in which all travel becomes wellness travel.

The $575 Billion Cost Of Failing To Invest In Your Team’s Wellbeing

The Future of Work is here, and we need new tools to navigate it. The Future of Work GPS shows that keeping yourself and your team holistically healthy acts as an exponent, destroying or magnifying your investments in growth. Avoid these common mistakes of yesterday’s wellbeing programs for success.

Alexis Petridis tests sleep remixes of pop

t is 11.30pm on a Thursday and I have taken to my bed with my headphones on and an hour-long “sleep remix” of Post Malone’s multi-platinum 2019 hit Circles for company.


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