Welltodo Today: SoulCycle Sales Slump? Wellness & Diversity, Minibars Get A Wellness Makeover


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

U.K. Organic Sales Continue To Grow, With Wine The Big Winner

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin A new report by the Soil Association into the organic market in the U.K. shows that sales of organic produce in 2019 were at their highest ever. According to the report, figures for 2019 show that after 8 years of growth, U.K.

What the heck is happening at Peloton? Legal victory, earnings up, stock down

You win some, you lose some. Peloton did both this week: Despite beating earnings and revenue expectations with quarterly revenues up 77% at $466 million, its stock is slumping over 10% due to $55 million in quarterly losses and slowing growth from the prior quarter.

SoulCycle sales ‘down’ as at-home bike boom compounds Trump fundraiser boycott

New data suggests that competition from at-home stationary bike company, Peloton, may have had a greater impact on SoulCycle bookings than last summer’s boycott. Recode reports that data from Earnest Research, which analyses web searches and credit and debit transactions, shows stationary bike company SoulCycle suffering its biggest ever year-on-year sales declines in the last week of December and the first weeks of January.

Black women crowdfund to launch first black fitness festival

The fitness and wellness industry can be a difficult space for people of colour to navigate because of the stark lack of diversity. While fitness is a booming £5bn industry in the UK, a lot of the classes, festivals and online communities are still overwhelmingly white.

Healthy Traveler Hannah Bronfman Just Reinvented the Hotel Minibar

Hannah Bronfman wants you to get more from your hotel experience. And she wants that to start at the minibar. In January, Bronfman, a true multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, Adidas ambassador, and DJ, launched a new partnership with 1 Hotels to modernize the minibar experience. And it’s all beginning at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

Hold the beef: how plant-based meat went mainstream

Neil Rankin first really took notice of vegans in 2016 when they were threatening to protest outside his restaurant. The 43-year-old chef had just opened Temper, a barbecue joint in Soho built around a six metre-long fire pit, which was the biggest in London and perhaps in any restaurant anywhere.

Farmers Raced to Plant Hemp to Ride the CBD Boom. But Demand Never Materialized.

Many farmers planted hemp last year, hoping for some of the bonanza predicted for the newly legal, nonintoxicating variety of cannabis that yields the soothing stuff called CBD. But demand didn’t materialize, and the price fell 30% from December to January, say researchers at New Leaf Data Services.


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