Welltodo Today: Sports Supplements Bulk Up, Self-Help Becomes Self-Care, RXBAR Expands Product Portfolio


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Does the rise of smart at-home fitness spell the end of gyms?

The fitness industry is booming with the likes of Zwift and Peloton revolutionising exercise. But will the rise of the smart home workout replace the gym? For the first time since the 1980s the gym is under siege.

Extreme gains: how the sports supplement industry bulked up

Not so long ago, shopfronts filled with rows of gaudy coloured plastic barrels boasting the potential of “extreme gains” and “shredded” or “ripped” physiques were a high street rarity. In 2019, they are as common as the corner store, replete with a dizzying array of products promising to dissolve body fat, build muscle and help you work out harder, for longer.

When Did Self-Help Become Self-Care?

” Wellness ” is a word that has come to encompass our latest dominant sociocultural obsession – how to take care of ourselves in the world. It may, at one point, have been popularly understood as an extension of self-help, a category of literature and speaker circuits that is devoted to personal optimization (and often, productivity).

Marriott Helps Its Customers Pursue Wellness Goals With New App Experience

Building new habits is hard-especially around health and wellness. Even as self-care and exercise grow more popular, not all consumers though have the time to get into the habit. Now, in an effort to establish a community of wellness-driven travelers, hospitality brand Marriott Internatioal has released a brand-new public fitness initiative.

Can Your Luxury Condo Keep You Healthy?

In the past decade lots of new ideas have found their way into residential construction – aging-in-place, green initiatives, sustainability. It seems only natural, pun intended, for wellness to be part of the equation. Turns out that wellness real estate makes up $134 billion of the of the $4.2 trillion global wellness economy.

Anytime Fitness flexes its muscle in booming New York State – targets 25 new openings

Franchised fitness giant Anytime Fitness has set out plans to open 25 new clubs in the state of New York – with a specific focus on the cities of Rochester and Buffalo. Anytime currently has 34 locations in the booming New York market and has now set out to secure strategic franchise partnerships in the area to expand its footprint.

RXBAR expands into hot cereal category

CHICAGO – RXBAR, a subsidiary of Kellogg Co., is expanding into the hot cereal category with the launch of RX A.M. Oats. Packaged in single-serve cups, the products contain gluten-free oats, egg whites, dates and nuts. Flavors include maple, apple cinnamon and chocolate. The products were previewed in March at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim.

I took a class at Pitbull and Tony Robbins’ *EXTRA* new workout studio, and it ended with an electrolyte margarita

When an email popped into my inbox back in April with the subject line: “Pitbull and Tony Robbins open new NYC fitness studio,” I had a wild mix of thoughts and emotions: 1) utter confusion about WTF these two are doing together and 2) I. need. to. go.


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