Welltodo Today: Stick On Supplements, BetterUp’s Valuation Soars, Adidas Launches Resale Program

Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

BetterUp, the coaching startup that hired Prince Harry, nearly triples its valuation

Last valued at $1.7 billion, employee wellness startup BetterUp raises funding at a $4.7 billion valuation as companies try to coach and understand their employees.

Male beauty buzz as almost a quarter of men want to ‘prioritise wellbeing’

The male beauty industry is having a moment, with men increasingly turning to cosmetic and beauty treatments partly spurred on by the impact of lockdown. According to data from Euromonitor International, the men’s grooming market is on the rise, with 2.2% predicted growth for 2022 as more men begin incorporating wellness into their everyday routines.

The appeal and the shortcomings of women-only gyms

Back in the late aughts, when I was a chubby middle-schooler vowing that ” this summer would be the summer that I’d get skinny,” I begged my mother for a Curves membership. Curves – one of the largest women-only gyms in the country – was, to my mind, exactly what I needed to finally be able to fit into the size-zero jeans my peers wore.

New Trend: Stick-On Supplements Break Category Norms | Stylus

Supplement formats are stretching well beyond pills, from gummies to powders. Their newest guise? Patches that deliver functional ingredients through the skin, with brands promoting transdermal delivery as convenient and clean-label. We highlight three such brands that launched this year.

Adidas and ThredUp want to resell your used footwear

Adidas has partnered with online resale powerhouse ThredUp to launch a new program whereby consumers can send in used apparel and accessories to be resold. Using ThredUp’s proprietary Retail-as-a-Service platform, the program aims to “extend the lifecycle” of clothing items by rewarding consumers with points in exchange for their old gear.

From the Apple Watch and Ray-Ban Stories to Oura: How Wearable Tech Got Stylish

RAY-BAN’S Stories glasses can record video, hands free, and boast Facebook technology. They can also play music via ear speakers and respond to basic commands. (“Hey Facebook, write this article,” sadly did not work.) But here’s their most remarkable attribute: They just look like glasses.

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