Welltodo Today: The $600 Million Fitness Startup, Flywheel’s Shutting Down Studios, Unilever Ups Sustainability Focus


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

How Payal Kadakia Danced Her Way to a $600 Million Start-Up

corner office The daughter of Indian immigrants went to M.I.T. and worked at Bain & Company before founding ClassPass. Credit Credit Guerin Blask for The New York Times Want to go to a trampoline class? Or a salt bath? Or ride a bike underwater? There’s an app for that.

Flywheel Is Closing 11 Studio Locations as Peloton Competition Heats Up

Spin studio Flywheel Sports announced it’s closing down about a quarter of its locations across the country this month. The boutique fitness chain will shutter 11 underperforming studios out of the 42 it currently operates, include all four of its Los Angeles locations, according to an email sent to membership holders.

YourZone45 secures round two funding – acquires London studio

Fitness franchise YourZone45 has concluded a second round of funding, as it prepares to expand its footprint on the UK market. “This second round of funding is perfectly timed and will allow us to expand our franchise network,” said Andy Kay, who joined YourZone45 last year as an investor.

How the wellness industry is financially and emotionally exploiting women struggling with fertility

In a world full of wellness trends and lifestyle fads, you don’t have to look very far for ‘experts’ making huge promises. From skin conditions to gut issues, insomnia and more, so-called healing practices often target those in a desperate situation seeking answers.

This VC firm’s portfolio includes some of the biggest names in plant-based food – here’s a look at the popular eco-conscious companies it has funded so far

When it comes to choosing what we want to eat, a few obvious factors come into play. Most of us consider taste, personal dietary preferences, and prices when it’s time to fill our plate. But, have you ever started the day with a little examination of the environmental impact of your breakfast?

The rise of digital fitness: can the new wave of high-intensity home workouts replace the gym?

Chessie King whoops, flipping her ponytail out of her face. Her partner, Mathew Lewis-Carter, grunts with the exertion, sweat pouring from his brow. Five cameras pick up every move, as they lunge and thrust in front of a pulsating LED screen at the east London studio where they are filming a high-intensity workout class for at-home fitness pioneers FIIT.

Unilever Ramps Up Sustainability Initiatives | Stylus

Unilever is the latest multinational to prioritise sustainability – with bold plans to sell off any brands that don’t contribute positively to society or the planet. As 64% of Americans claim a company’s environmental reputation impacts their purchasing decisions (Sustainable Brands, 2018), it’s imperative for brands and legislative bodies to work together to prioritise responsible manufacturing.


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