Welltodo Today: The Gym Group Launches Premium Offering, Biohacking, Xtend Barre Opens In Manhattan


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

These are the best biohacking tips for women

Silicon Valley is ground zero for birthing biohacking habits, AKA changing the environment around or inside of you so you have more control over your biology. No time to eat? That’s okay, you can live off Soylent. Want your coffee to give you energy and fill you up?

8 Questions To Ask Your Biometric Screening Company

Biometric screenings are one of the best ways to reach employees when it comes to a company’s wellness initiatives. These screenings provide both the company and the employee with data that can be translated into actionable goals. Employees are offered a convenient and free opportunity to learn about their key health numbers and gain some motivation to develop healthier habits.

Holland & Barrett opens Crussh ‘fit food’ bar in London

Holland & Barrett has opened a Crussh ‘fit food’ and juice bar concession in its flagship Oxford Street store. The concession launched on Tuesday with a menu of healthy food, ‘super smoothies’ and a full ‘smart’ coffee menu including turmeric lattes and Bulletproof coffee.

Xtend Barre Opens First Manhattan Fitness Studio Concept

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Xtend Barre, the revolutionary international fitness franchisor with roots in Pilates, dance and ballet techniques known for the most effective full-body workout, announced today it has opened a new concept studio in Tribeca, simply named XTEND.

Mulberry Market going strong as healthy food alternative

With so many toxic additives, pesticides and preservatives being used on our foods, many markets have been popping up. Although you can find farmers with fresh produce and meats, produce seems to take a precedent over the meat.

How ‘microwave’ saunas became a hot new trend

I am sweating so profusely, I look like I’ve just stepped out of the shower. My face is puce and my heart is pounding. I feel like I’ve just gone for a very fast run uphill, but I’ve simply sat in a wooden box for half an hour – in which time I’ve apparently cleansed my body of toxins, boosted my immune system and burned up to 600 calories.

English GPs ‘unaware’ of physical activity recommendations

A vast majority of doctors in England are “unfamiliar” with the recommended levels of physical activity – resulting in up to 72 per cent of GPs never discussing the benefits of prescribed exercise with patients.

The Gym is hoping customers will flex their spending as it launches premium offering

Low-cost fitness player Gym Group is hoping to get some of its customers to flex their purse strings a bit more and spend extra cash as part of a premium offering. For £5 extra per month, members will be able to get access to the company’s new product Fitquest, a machine that assesses body composition and fitness levels, as well as other benefits.


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