Welltodo Today: The Meal-Kit Market Faces Challenges, Selfie Obsession Fuelling Gym Memberships, 2017 A Record Year For F&B Acquisitions


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Once-Hungry Investors Pass on Meal-Kit Startups

Just a few years ago, delivering packages containing premeasured ingredients to be assembled into meals was a novel one. But now venture capitalists and other investors are losing their appetites.

Selfie obsession fuels gyms as more students and millennials sign up

A growing obsession with image and healthy living is driving more students and millennials to sign up for gym memberships, according to The Gym Group. The popularity of social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat has created the so-called selfie generation, teenagers and twenty-somethings obsessed with image and healthy eating.

Another record year for food and drink acquisitions in 2017 – FoodBev Media

2017 was another record year for food and drink acquisitions with 727 transactions registered in the bevblog.net mergers and acquisitions database, an average of almost 14 each week. The total is 113 more than in 2016 and 40% higher than five years ago. The number has increased each year apart from a dip in 2013.

What’s really driving the boom in wellness foods?

This story is from The Business of Wellness, an episode of Business Daily presented and produced by Elizabeth Hotson. To listen to more radio from the BBC World Service, please click here . Welcome to a new year – and perhaps, a ‘new you’.

The Plus Factor: How women are reclaiming the home as a source of empowerment

When I first went freelance last year, moving from my beloved, snug-as-a-bug New York City East Village apartment (and 35-minute, two-subway-transfer office commute) to a lofty space in Chicago’s Wicker Park, the nerves surrounding my newfound boss status were systematically soothed by a sense of control that I suddenly felt over daily workflow-not to mention my actual work zone.

Q&A: Christian Ward on how brands are tackling taboos

No longer is society remaining silent on typically taboo or under-represented issues. For brands that are bold and brave enough to tap into these conversations, the rewards are many. This is according to Christian Ward, our head of Media & Marketing, who recently commissioned Tackling Taboos – a trend report that explores how brands are becoming unafraid to talk honestly about difficult subjects.


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