Welltodo Today: The Next Gen Of Wellness, Beyond Meat To Expand Globally, Inflatable Obstacle Courses


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The next gen of wellness includes boxing gloves, sweat sisters, and serious vibes

Whether you’re a New York City fitness studio obsessive or just starting to get acquainted with matcha, one thing is clear: Wellness has undergone a dramatic shift into the spotlight. Which begs the question: Where is it heading next? For 110 Well+Good readers last Wednesday, May 2, there wasn’t one definitive answer.

Beyond Meat products to go on sale in 50 new countries this year – FoodBev Media

Plant-based meat manufacturer Beyond Meat will expand its global presence in the coming months as it enters over 50 new markets around the world. The brand said it will work with leading distribution and foodservice partners to roll out its Beyond Burger to “Germany and the rest of Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Israel, UAE, Korea, Taiwan and South Africa”.

DW Fitness First reveals plans to becoming

Gym chain DW Fitness First has revealed its strategic vision to become the UK’s largest sports participation brand. Formed following DW Fitness’ takeover of Fitness First’s 62-strong UK portfolio in September 2016, the business now boasts 120 gyms and 90 DW Sports-branded retail stores – a mix which the firm plans to utilise.

Planet Fitness earnings beat expectations

CNBC’s Diana Olick reports shares of Planet Fitness are under pressure after releasing earnings last night.

Google and the Rise of ‘Digital Wellbeing’

On a recent vacation, Sameer Samat was settling into his hotel when his partner asked to see his phone. As he handed it over, she promptly walked to the hotel safe and locked it inside. Then she looked him straight in the eyes. “You get this back when we leave in seven days.”

We shopped at Under Armour and saw why it’s still struggling to win over women

Un der Armour’s store design and marketing have been criticized in the past for being very male-focused. But Under Armour has been trying to shake its reputation of being a traditionally masculine store. “While store design, marketing, and products remain male-focused, Under Armour will continue to struggle with women.

Like Tough Mudder, only more bouncy: the rise of the inflatable obstacle course

Barrelling past a six-year-old child, I sprint through the blazing sunshine towards what can only be described as an ­inflatable mountain. Like a red, rubbery Everest, it dares me to take it on. Still at full pelt, I leap from the grass to its quivering foothills, hauling myself up its rib-like tiers, before crouching for a moment on its summit.


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