Welltodo Today: The Power Of Purpose, The Beauty Industry’s Packaging Addiction, Wellness Startup Aura Raises $2.7M


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

The Latest Wellness Trend Is…Partying

Good news: Being fit, mindful, and healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing wine. The latest wellness trend combines it all.

Five innovations you’ve never heard of that will make nutrition more affordable for millions

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a new effort to work directly with the private sector to address a fundamental driver of undernutrition globally: the lack of nutritious, affordable foods in marketplaces that serve the world’s poorest. Kamel Chida, deputy director of private sector partnerships & innovation for nutrition, looks at how innovation and investment can combat malnutrition globally.

We are 100 percent HERE for Kroger’s wellness-y 2019 food trends

National grocery store chain Kroger’s food trends are all about plant-based eating and gut health, and we’re HERE for it.

The founder of men’s wellness brand hims says men’s worst enemy is their own self-judgment

Andrew Dudum is on a mission to get men to stop judging themselves.

This beauty brand wants to cure the industry’s packaging addiction

The L’Oréal-funded startup Seed Phytonutrients sells its products in bottles made out of paper and clay.

The Power Of Purpose: How Adidas Will Make $1 Billion Helping Solve The Problem Of Ocean Plastic

How Adidas is set to make more than $1 billion in revenue by helping to solve the problem of marine plastic, via it’s groundbreaking collaboration with Parley for the Oceans.

Emotional wellness startup Aura raises $2.7 million from Cowboy Ventures and Reach Capital

Aura, an app for emotional well-being, has raised a $2.7 million seed round co-led by Cowboy Ventures and Reach Capital, with participation from others. When Aura first launched a couple of years ago, it’s bread and butter was short, three-to-seven-minute meditations based on your current mood – be that stressed, anxious, happy or sad.


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