Welltodo Today: The Rise Of Adaptogens, Immersive Fitness, Is Sports Direct Going Stateside?


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

REI’s Marketing Team Is Challenging the Wellness Industry To Tackle Gender Parity

In 2007, if you asked for the top-selling Getty image for “woman,” you’d be met with a photo of a woman lying naked under a towel, softly gazing at the camera. In 2017, the same query would return a different image reported the New York Times : an image of a strong woman hiking solo in Banff National Park.

Why the wellness world is obsessed with adaptogens

Ever get bored of feeling knackered, stressed or manic? Ever reach for another coffee/biscuit and wish there was instead some magic pill that would give you a healthy buzz, and raise your energy levels – without any kind of comedown? Maybe something that would afford calm and clarity.

Sportswear Billionaire Mike Ashley Doesn’t Need Finish Line American Dream

Sportswear Billionaire Mike Ashley Doesn’t Need Finish Line American Dream

Beauty’s Next Frontier: How Much for a Water Bottle?

Sephora thinks the water bottle could be the next must-have beauty item. This summer, Bkr’s (pronounced “beaker”) $40 water bottles, with pretty pastel, rose gold heart-emblazoned or spiked silicone sleeves that have become a requisite for the boutique fitness set, were picked up by the retailer.

Big food brand to startup: what to expect when taking the leap

I spend a lot of time supporting people from the biggest food & drink players as they take a career leap towards startups. These NAMs, category managers, demand planners and more feel they can use their incredible training and knowledge to make a difference in an emerging brand. And they really can.

Lululemon CEO: Retail isn’t dead because people ‘crave human connections’

As Lululemon Athletica outperforms its struggling rivals, CEO Laurent Potdevin told CNBC that brick-and-mortar retail won’t fade into obscurity anytime soon for one simple reason. “If you think about the evolution of how people lead their life and the evolution of athletic, mindful lifestyle[s], we know for a fact that people continue to crave human connections,” Potdevin told ” Mad Money” host Jim Cramer in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Do yoga, work harder: how productivity co-opted relaxation

Are you reading this when you should be working? Please don’t feel bad. Later, you will get more done, because reading enhances your productivity and so does surfing the internet while at work. Just make sure that it does not account for more than 20% of your time, say researchers at University of Melbourne and the National University of Singapore.

Why immersive, multisensory classes could be the next big thing in fitness

It’s hard to imagine a group fitness class that doesn’t involve a mood-boosting, carefully curated playlist. And over the past few years, gyms across the country and abroad have started experimenting with elements that stimulate not just your ears but all five senses.


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