Welltodo Today: The Rock Launches Wellness Brand, Clean Beauty’s Glow Up, High Hopes For Cannabis


Today’s key global wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, and John Shulman Announce Launch Of ZOA Energy Drinks

Hollywood megastar Dwayne Johnson has recently teased millions of his fans worldwide about his secret to “balance and success” with a video showing a production line filled with unlabeled cans on social media, and now we finally have an answer.

Biohacking: From Bond-worthy gadgets that enable optimal sleep to 3D-printed supplements, welcome to the future of wellness

From Bond-worthy gadgets that enable optimal sleep to 3D-printed supplements, wellness has gone to a whole new high-tech level – and it’s called ‘biohacking’. Alice du Parcq investigates “BRB, getting microbiomed!” is something you may actually be DMing in a few years (or weeks, if this article resonates).

Gyms are sacred spaces (but we can’t let them go the way of the church)

Will you go back to the gym? And I mean truly go back… If local Covid restrictions allow it, will you make it as integral to your life at the end of the year as it was at the start? Will you make the gym the bedrock of your health and fitness once more?

Clean beauty’s big glow-up: Juice Beauty partners with Kate Bosworth

One of the first U.S. clean beauty brands, 15-year old Juice Beauty has evolved from a Whole Foods staple to a celebrity favorite. On January 4, the brand announced on its website and social channels actress Kate Bosworth as the face of its newly launched Stem Cellular Retinol Overnight Serum.

Three-Minute Trend: Meditation’s Mass-Market Moment | Stylus

From Barbie to Netflix and several dating apps, brands across a spectrum of categories have started tapping into the monetisation opportunities around meditation and mindfulness in ingenious ways. After years of rising interest, the pandemic has pushed these wellness practices squarely into the mainstream.

These 5 VCs have high hopes for cannabis in 2021

Cannabis has always been essential to some. Thanks to COVID-19, cannabis is now an essential business and many companies are entering 2021 after seeing huge gains in 2020. TechCrunch surveyed five key investors who touch different aspects of the cannabis business. We asked these investors the same six questions, and each provided similar thoughts, but different approaches.


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